The Amazon Rainforest Is Burning Again. Join Forces to Call for an #AmazonCeaseFire!

A year ago, the world awoke to one of the worst environmental disasters in a generation. The devastation of the rainforest was met with unprecedented global concern and media visibility, placing immense pressure on the Bolsonaro regime and implicating global companies in the catastrophe.

This season's fires promise to be considerably worse. Every hectare of Amazon forest razed and burned brings the biome – and our climate – ever closer to a catastrophic tipping point. Meanwhile smoke from the fires could aggravate the dire toll of COVID-19 among Brazil's disproportionately affected Indigenous communities.

We all have a role to play in ceasing the destructive cycle pushing the Amazon, and our collective survival, to the edge.

Act now for an Amazon Ceasefire!

Amazon Watch and our allies have identified global corporate actors enabling Bolsonaro's attacks upon the rainforest and its peoples. While explosive deforestation and subsequent criminal arson are driven by illegal logging, land grabbers, and cattle ranchers, leading global firms provide the financial fuel upon which the forest burns.

Background on the Amazon's Burning Season



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– Charlotte R. A.