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Indigenous Rights

Autonomous Indigenous Nations Fight to Stop the Flow of Money to Petroperú

As Petroperú ramps up efforts to exploit oil in Block 64, Indigenous nations, in partnership with Amazon Watch and the Sacred Headwaters Initiative, launch a public campaign to pressure commercial banks to commit to no new Petroperú financing

Their efforts effectively put the multimillion dollar deal at a stalemate, and prevented Petroperú from attaining new long-term financing for the Talara Refinery in the past six months.

Amazon Emergency: Nine Urgent Measures to Ensure Justice and Effective Protection for Defenders in Peru

Apu Quinto Inuma Alvarado is yet another victim of the violence unleashed in the Peruvian Amazon

The murder of Apu Quinto cannot remain "just another case" that generates indignation and is then forgotten. On the contrary, it is time to assume and declare that the Amazon is in emergency, in order to make the protection of defenders a national and international priority.

“The Amazon Emergency Is a Climate Emergency”

Indigenous leaders at COP 28 call for urgent action to respect Indigenous land rights to protect the Amazon and climate on the path to COP 30 in Brazil

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – As over 70,000 people convene in Dubai for the 28th UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP 28), the Amazon rainforest is on fire and in a severe drought due to deforestation, extractive industries, industrial agriculture, climate change, and other threats.

New Policy Paper Provides Roadmap to Tackle Organized Crime in the Amazon

Lima, Peru – A new policy paper by Amazon Underworld, Amazon Watch, the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, and InfoAmazonia details a roadmap for governments across the region to tackle the ruthless expansion of crime organizations and illicit markets in the most biodiverse region of the world.

Amazon Watch is building on more than 25 years of radical and effective solidarity with Indigenous peoples across the Amazon Basin.


Amazon Underworld

Criminal Economies in the World's Largest Rainforest

This report shows how criminal organizations and armed groups have expanded their presence, increased their political control, and diversified their economies in the Amazon with disastrous impacts on Indigenous peoples.

The Growing Threat of Organized Crime in the Amazon

Supporting Indigenous rights and territories is an essential element of any strategy

Organized crime has been present in the region for many years, and it has recently become a major threat to the Amazon and Indigenous rights and territories.

Indigenous Women Reforesting Hearts and Minds to Heal Mother Earth

“The struggle for Mother Earth is the mother of all struggles!”

“We are here to say that we are the healing of the Earth, we are the ancestral voice of the Earth speaking to us. It is not possible to think about valuing human rights if you kill the Earth."

“False Positives” in the Colombian Amazon

Indigenous peoples and others are struggling to protect their ancestral lands, livelihoods, and lives. In doing so, they run afoul of the men with guns who don’t hesitate to threaten and kill.

Colombian Indigenous People Demand Justice for the 2022 El Remanso Massacre at the IACHR

The Colombian government must address the current situation of violence and humanitarian emergency affecting the inhabitants of the Putumayo department and provide justice for the extrajudicial executions known as “false positives” committed in the rural community of El Remanso, community representatives from the Putumayo region and, accompanying...

Seven Challenges for the New Ecuadorian Government

Ecuador’s powerful business class is in power yet again following the election of Daniel Noboa

We question whether he will prioritize the protection of nature and the rights of Indigenous peoples as he promised during his campaign or – more likely – carry on with the extractivist agenda of prior administrations and continue to disregard Indigenous rights.

Taking on Cargill Alongside the Munduruku People

"We defend our lands not just for our people but for all of humanity. Your company is harming our collective future. We have lived here in the heart of the Amazon for over 4,000 years. But now our world hangs by a thread."

Cargill, Cease Your Destruction!

In every region where Cargill operates, you are destroying the environment and driving out or threatening the communities who live there.

We defend our lands not just for our people but for all of humanity. Your company is harming our collective future.

Impunity for Loggers Behind Brutal Murders of Four Indigenous Earth Defenders

The abrupt annulment of the 28-year sentences that took families seven years of legal battles to achieve highlights the profound injustice and judicial discrimination they face in Peru

This decision is a strong affront to justice, memory, and the dignity of the victims and their families, who face yet another chapter of legal strife and uncertainty.

Brazil’s Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Indigenous Land Rights in Historic Win

Court voted against agribusiness-backed attempt to prevent communities claiming land they did not physically occupy in 1988

The Guardian | Nine of the court’s 11 members voted against what rights groups had dubbed the “time limit trick” – an agribusiness-backed attempt to prevent Indigenous communities claiming land they did not physically occupy in 1988.

Brazil's Indigenous Lands at Stake Before Marco Temporal Decision

Amid an impending Supreme Court decision, our latest report dives into the risks of this legal thesis, potentially jeopardizing Indigenous territories for the benefit of powerful mining companies

We stand on the edge of a decision that will significantly impact Indigenous peoples’ lands, their lives, and our collective future. If approved, it's not just a win for mining magnates like Vale, Bunge, and Anglo American. It's an irreversible loss for Indigenous rights, the Amazon rainforest, and for 77 yet-to-be-recognized Indigenous...

Victory: Belo Sun Is One Step Closer to Having Its License Permanently Denied

Environmental licensing shifted to federal jurisdiction under Brazil's environmental agency after Belo Sun's arguments were debunked

In a significant victory for the Amazon and Indigenous rights, the environmental licensing process for the Belo Sun mining project in the Volta Grande region of the Xingu River has been successfully shifted from state to federal jurisdiction.

Canada Emerges As Key Culprit in Amazon Destruction

Despite its “climate forward” image, Canada linked to corporate abuses and rights violations across mining and oil extractive projects in the Amazon

The rights violations discovered in the operations of Canadian companies in the Amazon rainforest are deeply troubling, particularly considering Canada's efforts to present itself as a human rights leader in the world.

Unmasking Canada: Rights Violations Across Latin America

Amazon Watch was joined by more than 50 civil society organizations to compile three critical reports - covering Regional, Amazonian, and Oil and Gas - under the campaign Unmasking Canada: Rights Violations Across Latin America.

Yasuní Victory Shows Us the Way to End Amazon Crude

In a historic vote, Ecuadorians have shown the world what true climate leadership looks like. Their vote is a step toward a fossil fuel-free future that protects biodiversity and the rights of isolated Indigenous peoples.

The Shuar Arutam People Continue Their Resistance Against Mining

The movement against mining in Ecuador is gaining momentum

This is an important moment for celebration. It is monumental that the PSHA ratified its resistance to mining activity in its territory because the community has faced divide-and-conquer strategies from the mining industry and the Ecuadorian government.

Latin American Delegation to Implicate Canadian Corporations at the United Nations

New reports uncover widespread abuse by Canadian companies and urges immediate intervention through the Universal Periodic Review process

Despite Canada’s “climate forward” public image, it acts as a safe haven for extractive industries and companies operating in Latin America, including regions of climatic significance such as the Amazon.