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520 3rd Street, Suite 108, Oakland, CA 94607 (Note: This is our new address as of January 1, 2018)
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Washington, DC office

1101 15th St NW, 11th Floor, Washington, DC 20005
Tel: +1.202.423.4828

For all questions related to donations, please email

For specific inquiries, please contact one of the following people:

Leila Salazar-López, Executive Director
+1.510.281.9020 x303
Follow Leila on Twitter: @LeilaSalazar10

Paul Paz y Miño, Associate Director
+1.510.281.9020 x302
Follow Paul on Twitter: @paulpaz

Moira Birss, Climate and Finance Director
+1.510.281.9020 x316

Kevin Koenig, Climate and Energy Director
+1.510.281.9020 x305, +1.415.726.4607
Follow Kevin on Twitter: @kevinmkoenig

Joseph Kolb, Controller
+1.510.281.9020 x304

Mariola Fernandez, Executive Assistant/Board Liaison
+1.510.281.9020 x323

Sarah Koplowicz, Admin/Database Associate
+1.510.281.9020 x301

Kathy LeMay, Director of Philanthropy

Pendle Marshall-Hallmark, Climate Campaigner
+1.510.281.9020 x309

Angela Martínez, Amazon Defenders Fund Manager

Carlos Mazabanda, Ecuador Field Coordinator
Follow Carlos on Twitter: @Carlos_San11

Andrew E. Miller, Advocacy Director
Follow Andrew on Twitter: @amazonmiller

Christian Poirier, Program Director
+1.510.281.9020 x310
Follow Christian on Twitter: @cpeartree

Ada Recinos, Communications Manager
+1.510.281.9020 x319

Katherine Rothschild, Development and Partnerships Specialist
+1.510.281.9020 x306

Elena Maria Teare, Communications Associate

Ana Paula Vargas, Brazil Program Manager
+1.510.281.9020 x307, +1.510.999.5569

Michael Zap, Web Manager

Atossa Soltani, Board President
Follow Atossa on Twitter: @asoltani



Yes, I will donate to protect the Amazon!

"The work you do is vital, and I am happy to support it."
– Charlotte R. A.


The Amazon Is in Crisis

The survival of the Amazon and its Indigenous inhabitants depends on what we do together now. Every dollar you donate goes directly to our program work, and every little bit helps!