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The immediate crisis of catastrophic fires in the Amazon are an urgent threat to its indigenous inhabitants, the forest itself, and our global climate. Your donation will go directly to our work with indigenous organizations and communities to stop the destruction and defend their rights and homes. Find out more.

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How Amazon Watch Is Responding to the Unprecedented Fires in the Amazon Rainforest

Since 1996, Amazon Watch has worked tirelessly to protect the rainforest and our climate by supporting indigenous peoples across the Amazon Basin.

The immediate crisis of catastrophic fires across the Amazon is an urgent threat to the forest, indigenous peoples, and our global climate. The Amazon and its indigenous inhabitants are under assault.

In the wake of this crisis, Amazon Watch is working around the clock to respond, expand our advocacy work on behalf of our indigenous allies, and redirect funds to provide direct support for indigenous organizations and communities fighting to defend their rights and territories. We have been mobilizing to pressure the Brazilian government, focusing international media attention on the issue, targeting corporations financing Amazon destruction, and sending funds to partners in the region to support a range of critical areas of need, including:

  • grassroots indigenous patrols in indigenous territories to repel illegal loggers and land invaders,
  • water and humanitarian provisions for fire-affected indigenous communities,
  • territorial monitoring and defense,
  • peaceful mobilizations in the region,
  • organization of emergency indigenous assemblies,
  • and direct support for threatened environmental and human rights defenders.

You can learn more about our strategic work and vision here.

Thank you for supporting our work in this time of crisis!