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The Amazon Is Burning and We Must Stand With Indigenous Peoples to Protect It

September 26, 2019 | Eye on the Amazon

As much of the world’s focus has turned to the horrific fires ravaging the Amazon in Brazil and Bolivia, many have asked what they can do to help.

Continuing to raise awareness not only about the impacts of the fires, but also the preceding deforestation and its causes, is vital to effectively addressing the problem. Everyone must know about Bolsonaro’s destructive policies and how agribusiness is profiting from the rainforest’s destruction. We must educate and motivate people to take action in defense of indigenous rights and put pressure on the governments and corporations profiting from the Amazon’s destruction.

This short video, launched during Climate Week, is an effort to broaden the public’s understanding about not only what is happening in the Amazon, but also what we can do about it as a global community. The time has truly never been more pressing, as the Amazon, the “lungs of the Earth,” approaches a tipping point. As many more people sign the pledge to protect the Amazon, the movement will grow in strength.

As this video explains, the Amazon is vital to global climate stability, yet deforestation and devastating fires are threatening its very existence. It’s up to each of us to do what we can to protect the rainforest. Indigenous peoples are its best stewards and are seeking our support to protect their homes and the Amazon.

As our longtime friend and ally John Quigley (the artist behind many powerful aerial photo installations) said, “The urgent call went out for the Amazon, and these are the people who answered that call.” We are grateful to the many artists who lent their creativity and influence in defense of the Amazon for this video.

Thank you: Lance Bass, Nahko Bear, Ed Begley Jr., Emmanuelle Chriqui, Cary Elwes, Mia Maestro, Wendie Malick, Esai Morales, Leilani Munter, Mikey Murphy, Carter Oosterhouse, Madisyn Shipman, Amy Smart, Brittani Louise Taylor, Leonor Varela, and Madeline Zima. We look forward to more collaboration with them to grow the movement to protect the Amazon.

Please join them and take the pledge to protect the Amazon!

Many Thanks to Those Who Made This Video Possible

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