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“Coloring” Brazil’s Indigenous Movement

Indigenous LGBTQ+ community in Brazil claims their space at this year’s Free Land Camp

Visibility as a means towards empowerment. That is one of the goals that the Indigenous LGBTQ+ movement in Brazil strives for as they brought their agenda to the center stage of the Free Land Camp this year.

The Anti-Chevron Movement Gains New Allies

Activists, workers, and shareholders push company to act on climate and human rights during Annual General Meeting season

Chevron’s reputation as a price gouger, gross polluter, environmental racist, and greedy corporate behemoth with an army of unscrupulous lawyers and greenwashing PR firms grows worse by the day.

U.S. Financial Institutions Are Complicit in the Destruction of the Amazon

New report exposes how mining companies and international investors drive Indigenous rights violations and threaten the future of the Amazon rainforest

“There must be a general understanding that Indigenous lands, traditional territories, and protected areas in the Amazon are not available for mineral exploration, nor should they be, both because there must be respect for our constitutional right to self-determination as Indigenous peoples over our territories, and because of our lands’...

Women Wisdom Keepers and Healers: Ancestral Authorities of Life

Our Amazon Defenders Fund will continue mobilizing direct solidarity funds into the hands of Amazonian women wisdom keepers, healers, and ancestral authorities, who are resisting by practicing reciprocal and holistic interactions with the forest and Earth.

Amazon Watch is building on more than 25 years of radical and effective solidarity with Indigenous peoples across the Amazon Basin.


Crude Reality: One U.S. State Consumes Half the Oil from the Amazon Rainforest

As oil companies carve up more of the rainforest, a new study says no place in the world uses more oil from beneath the Amazon than California

NBC News | Waorani leader Nemo Guiquita has been fighting the expansion of oil drilling in her tribe’s ancestral homeland for years. She said her grandmother, Nayuma, was the first Waorani to make contact with the outside world 60 years ago. “The rainforest for us is home,” Guiquita said. “It’s our life, our pharmacy, our everything.”

“Alternative Development” in the Peruvian Amazon: Deforestation, Drugs, and Death

Over the last few decades, the Peruvian Amazon has become a hotspot for coca cultivation. Drug traffickers in the region have shown a willingness to destroy the rainforest and kill anyone in the name of profit. Indigenous leaders working to protect their Amazonian communities from land invasions, deforestation, and violence come into the cross...

As Donziger Is Jailed for Fighting Chevron, Congress Calls for His Release

Despite this, yesterday was a nightmare for Chevron and a victory for environmental justice

Chevron thought it would get away with its crimes after Kaplan’s 2014 decision. But Donziger didn’t give up and neither did the people of Ecuador. Now they have a rapidly-growing international movement behind them not only calling for Donziger’s freedom but that the executives of Chevron should be on trial for their crimes. This was not Chevron’s...

Investing $46 Billion in Client Money on Amazon Destruction

How the world’s largest asset managers quietly pour billions into oil companies tied to rights abuses

The “Big Three” manage trillions of dollars of investments for individual and institutional investors all over the world, including pension funds and university endowments. Together they control nearly 20 trillion dollars. By investing in oil companies with horrific environmental and human rights records, they are not only flagrantly ignoring...

Rest in Power, María Taant

Remembering the Shuar Amazon Women Defender and Protective "Boa" Woman

In our Indigenous worldviews, our grandmothers and grandfathers have taught us that when our people die, they return to the other spirits, in other beings. In each encounter with María Taant, a Shuar leader from the Ecuadorian Amazon, she mentioned a boa that protected us. We heard what turned out to be her last song, in which she sang...

Frontline Activists from Around the World Escalate Pressure on BlackRock

Over 80 renowned Indigenous and frontline activists organized to demand accountability from the world’s largest investors driving climate chaos

BlackRock’s new announcements recognizing the need to reach near-zero-emissions are a step in the right direction that comes after years of campaigning by Indigenous leaders and civil society organizations, but without clear accountability measures, they remain empty promises.

Happy 25th Birthday, Amazon Watch!

Protecting the rainforest and our climate in solidarity with Indigenous peoples

Amazon Watch is celebrating 25 years of radical and effective solidarity with Indigenous peoples across the Amazon Basin! What started with our founder, Atossa Soltani, confronting Fernando Cardoso, then the president of Brazil, face-to-face on March 11, 1996, is now a powerful organization building upon that legacy and deepening our commitment to...

Women Defenders Unite to Protect the Amazon

Across the Amazon Basin, Indigenous women are uniting and organizing in defense of life, rights, and territories while confronting increasing threats. Amazonian women defenders are on the front lines of defense and response to both the climate and COVID-19 emergencies. This is in addition to leading resistance against extractive industries...

Together We Stepped Up for the Amazon in 2020!

2020 was defined by fundamental challenges and transformations. We've all had to adapt and create a new way of living and connecting. Most of us could have never imagined that caring for one another would involve so much isolation. It has become commonplace to call these times unprecedented, but Indigenous peoples had already warned us that...

What Do You Get When You Beat Chevron in Court? 500 Days of Home Detention

"As my physical world has shrunk, the online world has expanded by multiples of thousands. And once I get through this, I have no doubt that Chevron will be paying this judgment such that thousands of Indigenous people and rural communities will have a clean environment and thousands of lives will be saved. That's what this is ultimately about."

Amazon Watch Testifies to U.S. Congress on Indigenous Rights in the Amazon

Amazon Watch's Executive Director, Leila Salazar-López, joined allied human rights organizations to testify today to the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission on the status of the human rights of Indigenous peoples in the Americas. She spoke specifically to the situation of Indigenous rights in the Amazon Basin.

Overflight Uncovers Environmental Destruction of Munduruku Indigenous Territory

In the Tapajós River basin, Amazônia Real's team, with support from Amazon Watch, spotted predatory deforestation, fires, and mining activity

Amazônia Real | On September 17, Amazônia Real, in partnership with Amazon Watch, witnessed this attack on the rainforest, Indigenous peoples, smallholder farmers, and biodiversity from up above during a flyover. From the sky, smoke from the fires obscures the environmental destruction on the ground – a combination of extensive deforested areas, pasture farms...

A Hopeful Message from the Future from Gael García Bernal and Emma Thompson

Our planet is on fire and we cannot breathe. From the criminal arson ravaging the Amazon rainforest for profit to the wildfires raging on the West Coast of the United States due to escalating climate chaos, our planet and communities are under attack. These are not isolated incidents. They are symptoms of broken systems that perpetuate the...

Ese Eja: A Young Nation Guided by Ancestral Vision

Our Amazon Defender's Fund supports Indigenous sovereignty during the COVID-19 pandemic

One Amazonian nation that has prioritized addressing collective needs in their community during the pandemic has been the Ese Eja. It is now a young nation with a clear political vision, solid organizing, and communal ties. With a direct grant from the ADF, the Ese Eja have equipped their health posts with oxygen concentrators in each of their...

Trading in Pollution: European Banks Bankroll Billions in Amazon Oil

"I wonder if the executives of banks in Europe know the real cost of their financing. How can they possibly sleep peacefully knowing their money leaves thousands of Indigenous peoples and communities without water, without food, and in devastating health conditions due to the pollution of the Coca and Napo rivers? It's time for the banks...

"No One Is Free Until We Are All Free"

The Movement for Black Lives and the Climate Justice Movement Are Inextricably Linked

The United States is in the midst of what some are now calling a "new civil rights movement." During such a groundbreaking historical moment, it is of paramount importance that the environmental and climate movements understand the connection between our work to stop climate chaos and the movement to end systemic racism. This intersectional...

Chevron Is a Champion of Environmental Racism

The murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor have catalyzed a seismic and long-overdue shift in support for the Movement for Black Lives and to defund the police. At the same time, the climate justice movement has finally begun to gain momentum because of the increasing recognition that overcoming our environmental crisis requires addressing and...

An Effective Response to Crisis in the Amazon Requires Global Collaboration

When the novel coronavirus first began to emerge as a global pandemic, its spread also carried centuries of collective memories of the diseases that previously decimated Indigenous peoples across the Americas. Indigenous peoples across the Amazon began to ban outsiders from their territories and disperse preventative information and resources in...

Alec Baldwin, Roger Waters, and 29 Nobel Laureates Demand Justice for Ecuadorians

New effort launched to demand that Chevron clean up its deliberate pollution of the Amazon and call for an end to the house arrest of human rights lawyer Steven Donziger

We must stand together to call for justice for Ecuadorians, because if we do, corporations like Chevron will never win. We know Chevron's ultimate goal is to divide and conquer, but this growing upswell of support from celebrities, Nobel laureates, and international activists affirms that Ecuadorians are not alone in their pursuit for justice.

Let's Stay Connected and Grounded!

Amazon Watch is practicing social distancing, postponing Amplify, and halting travel in response to COVID-19

During this time of COVID-19, we have chosen to limit all travel to prevent the spread of the virus, and also to stay grounded in our work to protect the Amazon, defend the defenders, and demand climate justice. This is an opportunity for all of us to reshift, rethink, and reground ourselves in our work, our community, and our families.

International Women's Day Alliance of Indigenous Legislators from Brazil and the US

There has never been a more urgent time to support and highlight Indigenous leaders like Congresswomen Wapichana and Haaland, who are the antithesis of Trump and Bolsonaro. The Brazilian president recently delivered a blatantly racist speech in which he stated that Indigenous people, "are becoming human beings just like us."

Protecting the Amazon Is Going to Take All of Us!

For everyone that hosted a fundraiser, shared our videos and posts, or did something creative to spread awareness and protect the Amazon, thank you. This movement requires all hands on deck. We need to maintain the same sense of urgency in order to protect it and its Indigenous peoples. Onward together!