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How We’re Ending Amazon Crude in 2023!

Indigenous movements are gaining political, judicial, and legislative victories setting the stage for keeping oil in the ground this year

There are several reasons to be optimistic about building momentum to further restrict plans to expand oil extraction in its Amazon and keep fossil fuels permanently in the ground, and Ecuador is a great example.

Biodiversity Can Only Exist With “Land Back”

"As Indigenous Peoples at CBD COP 15, we demand Indigenous-led solutions to the climate crisis and for our rights to be respected. Our peoples are the keepers of Biodiversity around the world. It is through our solutions that we will see the world through the climate crisis."

A Powerful Beacon of Hope in the Colombian Amazon

The Siona of Buenavista are a beacon of resistance against incursions of oil companies like GeoPark and narco-mafias into their territories. Solidarity from Colombian and international allies can be crucial to their success.

Indigenous Delegation to Hold World Leaders Accountable for Increasing threats to Amazonian Biodiversity At COP15

Leaders from Brazil and Ecuador will be in Montreal to draw attention to extractive industries, especially mining, threatening the Amazon rainforest

Amazon Watch is traveling to 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15) as part of an Amazonian Indigenous delegation of multiple coalitions and nations to draw attention to the extractive industries, especially mining, threatening biodiversity loss in the Amazon rainforest and threatening human rights across the biome.

Executives Refuse to Address Vanguard’s Complicity in Amazon Destruction

A Peruvian delegation of Indigenous and fishing community leaders came to the U.S. to share their first-hand account of Petroperú's impacts on their livelihoods

A Peruvian delegation of Indigenous leaders and fishing communities is in the United States right now, confronting investors on their rights to live free from the devastation caused by the oil company the investors are bankrolling, Petroperú.

Amazon Watch is building on more than 25 years of radical and effective solidarity with Indigenous peoples across the Amazon Basin.


Vanguard Ignores Request from Indigenous Leaders from Peru to Meet on Investment Risks to Amazon Rainforest and Rights

Indigenous and fishing community leaders traveled to the U.S. to highlight harms caused by oil company Petroperú's operations in the Peruvian Amazon and coast

Vanguard cannot continue doing business as usual! We ask Vanguard to adopt an Indigenous rights and deforestation policy because our lives, water, and rainforest are at stake. Until it takes concrete steps, it remains complicit in the destruction of the Amazon and our livelihoods.

UN Expert Group Affirms: “Net Zero” Is Incompatible with Fossil Fuels and Deforestation

Recommendations released at COP27 highlight greenwashing risks of "net zero," while falling short on carbon offsets and human rights

“Credible net zero plans require drastic emissions reductions, direct support for ecosystem protection, and robust respect for the rights of Indigenous peoples and local communities,” said Moira Birss, Climate Finance Director at Amazon Watch.

First-Ever Regional Court Case Involving Rights of Uncontacted Peoples Awaits Verdict

The Inter-American Court of Human rights is evaluating the first-ever case concerning the rights of Indigenous communities in voluntary isolation

Mongabay | In the case Tagaeri & Taromenane Indigenous people vs the Ecuadorian state, lawyers representing the communities in voluntary isolation say the Ecuadorian state has failed to protect these populations and propelled the extractive industry in the area, putting pressure on the rainforest and increasing conflict between local communities.

Amazon Watch Rebuts False Claims of Consultation with Indigenous Communities by Vanguard-Financed Peruvian Oil Company

Petroperú fails to allay the risks for investors, communities, and the climate of its planned expansion in the Amazon rainforest; Vanguard fails to respond

Oakland, CA – Today, Amazon Watch released a response to a letter from Petroperú, a state-owned Peruvian oil company, that attempted to contradict a recent blog on Vanguard's financing of the oil company.

Amazonian Leaders: Climate Week Sponsors Complicit in Destruction of Amazon Rainforest, Indigenous Land

At press conference in New York City, Indigenous leaders from Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru expose U.S. financial institutions for projects harming Indigenous communities

New York, NY – New York Climate Week sponsors, including BlackRock and Vanguard, were among the American financial institutions exposed for financing the destruction of the Amazon and Indigenous land at a press conference this week held by Indigenous leaders from the Amazon region and environmental and human rights group Amazon Watch.

The Risks of Investing in Petroperú

This risk assessment describes the political, social, financial, environmental, and legal risks associated with investing in Petroperú. It also compiles the perspective of some communities that could be affected by the threat of oil operations by Petroperú, in particular, the Achuar People of the Pastaza River and the Autonomous Territorial...

Amazonian Leaders Expose U.S. Financiers Behind Amazon Destruction at NYC Climate Week

Indigenous Amazonian delegates from across the Amazon to speak out

Indigenous leaders from the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon invite you to a press conference during Climate Week NYC 2022. In the context of Climate Week’s theme, Getting It Done, the delegates will discuss ways they are "getting done" protection of the Amazon rainforest.

Ecuador Declares Temporary Moratorium on New Oil and Mining Concessions

Ecuador’s Indigenous movement and the government of Guillermo Lasso have agreed to a temporary moratorium on all new oil and mining concessions. This major development puts the country’s plans to double oil production and significantly boost mining investment in question.

Vanguard Funds Indigenous Rights Violations in Peru’s Amazon

Asset manager Vanguard must stop investing in Indigenous rights violations and environmental destruction

The Achuar and Wampis have good reason to oppose further oil extraction: The Northern Peruvian Oil Pipeline, which runs through their territories, has repeatedly ruptured, causing countless spills and constant threats to the environment and safety of their communities.

Sarayaku’s Kawsak Sacha Is What the World Needs Now!

The Kawsak Sacha proposal aims to sustainably preserve and conserve territorial spaces, the material and spiritual relationship established there by native peoples with the living forest and the beings that inhabit it.

Oil in the Peruvian Amazon: Obscene Profits Through Immoral Strategies

Legal attacks against the protections for isolated Indigenous peoples and Peru’s FPIC law are examples of how the oil lobby keeps the current legal framework – the product of years of struggle by Indigenous movements and civil society – under constant siege.

From Local to Global: Peruvian Earth Defenders Confront Deutsche Bank in Germany

Delegation of Indigenous leaders from the Amazon built networks of support and solidarity in the movement against oil expansion in the Amazon

The Wampis and Achuar nations will not permit oil production on Block 64, and they have launched an international campaign to make it clear to anyone who still thinks it might be a good investment to attempt to extract oil from their territories.

Is Vanguard Sinking the Climate Ship?

Asset manager Vanguard is a major investor in some of the mining and oil companies that are causing irreparable harm to the Amazon rainforest and to Indigenous peoples. Vanguard is not only financing destruction and rights violations in the Amazon, but it is financing climate catastrophe throughout the world.

Ecuadorian Indigenous Movement Secures Victories, Ending National Strike

Indigenous leaders and the Ecuadorian government reached an agreement including a repeal of Executive Decree 95 on oil and gas and reform of decree 151 affecting the mining sector, among other demands. Both decrees had authorized the government to expand the extractive frontier into Indigenous territories and important conservation and forest...