Pope Should Speak Out for Indigenous Rights While in Peru

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As part of his multi-day visit to Peru, Pope Francis will travel on Friday, January 19th to the Amazonian province of Madre de Dios, to hold meetings with indigenous peoples.

Amazon Watch Commentary

Advocacy Director Andrew Miller said the following about the visit:

"Although Peru is embroiled in corruption scandals and political turmoil, the Pope's visit to the Amazon will help focus needed national and international attention on the urgent situation of Amazonian indigenous peoples.

"While addressing the public and decision-makers, the Pope should echo Peruvian indigenous peoples' demands for expanded titling of indigenous territories, exclusion of indigenous territories from mega-projects like roads and oil concessions and urgent protection of uncontacted indigenous peoples, among others.

"Indigenous peoples have been organizing for their collective rights in the Peruvian Amazon for decades; we encourage the Pope to leverage his influential voice to hold up indigenous demands that are too often overrun by entrenched political and economic interests."

For Spanish commentary from Amazonian indigenous leaders,
contact Julio Cusurichi, President of the Native Federation of Madre De Dios
and 2007 Goldman Environmental Prize winner
in Puerto Maldonado at +51-987-592-167.

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