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We know indigenous peoples are important stewards of the environment. But specifically how do they protect their territory? With Amazon Watch's Andrew Miller as your guide, travel into the northern Peruvian rainforest and meet the Achuar people who have successfully organized to stop oil exploration and extraction on their lands. Review the drivers of deforestation like illegal logging, gold mining, dam construction, trans-Amazon highways, and oil palm plantations, all of which are also grave threats to indigenous rights. Hear about other indigenous struggles for territorial defense, specifically the Kichwa of Sarayaku (Ecuador) and the Kayapó of Brazil. Learn about an innovative approach devised by Peru's main indigenous federation AIDESEP for "Indigenous REDD+" or holistic territorial management, which just received commitments of almost $20 million from the World Bank's Forest Investment Program.

To learn more, watch the Q&A session from this presetation.

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