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We Will Continue to Unite and Organize for the Amazon and Climate Justice, Despite COP26

After two intense weeks in Glasgow for COP26, we are back home reflecting on the outcomes. While the Glasgow Pact does not meet the action needed to address the climate emergency, the civil society presence was truly inspiring. Indigenous peoples, frontline communities, women, and youth attended in full force organizing for climate justice and...

Amazonian Women Mobilize to Demand Justice and Support for Earth Defenders

The Amazonian women joined the march with the goal of amplifying their voices of resistance against extractivism

Over 100 Amazonian women, representing multiple Indigenous nations across Ecuador, came together to march for the dignity of their peoples, to reclaim their songs and wisdom, to re-ignite their fight against extractivism, and to address social inequality and the rampant impunity for those who attack defenders of nature.

Amplify! A Celebration of Voices from the Amazon

Thank you to all our friends and supporters who joined us on September 27th, 2017 for our annual gala - Amplify! A celebration of voices from the Amazon.

Amazon Watch 20th Anniversary Gala

Thank you to all our friends and supporters who joined us at our 20th Anniversary Gala on Wednesday in San Francisco, where we shared food, music, dancing, and inspiring words about our last 20 years and our vision for the years to come supporting indigenous peoples and protecting the Amazon.

Amazon Watch is celebrating 25 years of radical and effective solidarity with Indigenous peoples across the Amazon Basin!


Amazon Watch's 10th Annual Luncheon

Thank you to all who joined Amazon Watch at our 10th Annual Luncheon at the gorgeous Bently Reserve in San Francisco. It was a special opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments, learn more about the plans for the coming year and support our work.

Indigenous March to Quito

Yesterday, thousands of indigenous people marched to Quito and began a national strike against proposed constitutional amendments that would curtail indigenous rights and allow President Rafael Correa to stay in power indefinitely.

Amazon Watch's 9th Annual Luncheon

Thank you to all who joined Amazon Watch at our 9th Annual Luncheon in San Francisco yesterday – we were absolutely blown away by a packed house and all your support, ideas, inspiration and love. The event was a huge success thanks to the hundreds of friends who came to join us in person and or live online. What an incredible community we've...

Amazon Women on the Frontlines of Climate Change

A selection of photos from Amazon Women on the Frontlines of Climate Change, a traveling photography exhibit with written and live testimonies from indigenous women leading solutions on the frontlines of the Amazon as the region confronts the impacts of climate change.

People's Climate March in New York City

Over 310,000 people filled the streets of New York City to participate in the largest climate march in history. Amazon Watch accompanied indigenous leaders from the Ecuadorian rainforest and marched with thousands of others calling globally to Keep the Oil in the Ground in the Amazon.

National Indigenous Mobilization in Brasilia

In response to attacks on indigenous rights, Brazil's National Indigenous Association has called for a national mobilization. Thousands of indigenous peoples are marching across Brazil.

Photos from Our 2013 Annual Luncheon

Our special guest this year was Mayalu Txucarramãe, an indigenous woman leader from Brazil working to defend her people from the Belo Monte Dam.

Vigil to Preserve Yasuní-ITT

The vast majority of Ecuadorians want to preserve Yasuní-ITT, and many of them held a vigil in front of the Presidential Palace to show their support for the plan.

Photos from Our 2012 Annual Luncheon

Our honored guests this year were Kichwa leaders from the Sarayaku community in Ecuador, who made world news headlines recently by winning their case before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Occupy Belo Monte

Scenes from the indigenous-led occupation of Pimental Island on the Xingu River. More than 300 people representing 21 indigenous villages and 9 different ethnicities are participting so far.

"Rivers for Life" Human Banner at Rio+20

Nearly 1500 people used Rio’s Flamengo Beach as a canvas. Their bodies formed the lines of an enormous image promoting the importance of free-running rivers, truly clean energy and including indigenous knowledge as part of the solution to climate issues.

The True Cost of Chevron

International coalition shakes things up at Chevron annual shareholder meeting

Each year Chevron faces opposition at its shareholder meeting, but this protest drew a larger and more diverse crowd galvanized by the oil giant's year of legal problems, oil spills and fines for reckless business practices.

Human Rights Court In Unprecedented Visit to Sarayaku

Top judges of the Inter-American Human Rights Court visited the Kichwa indigenous community of Sarayaku to investigate their long-running case against the Ecuadorian government over rights abuses.

Achuar Leaders Take Their Cause to Canada

Four Achuar leaders traveled from deep in the Amazon rainforest to Canada to confront Talisman Energy for drilling for oil in their ancestral territory.

Indigenous Peoples Reach Quito After 600-km March

Thousands of indigenous peoples led by CONAIE converged on Quito today, culminating a 15-day march demanding a new water law, land reform, and an end to open pit mining and new oil concessions.

Occupation of the Belo Monte Dam Construction Site

"Belo Monte will only succeed if we do nothing about it. We will not be silent. We will shout out loud and we will do it now,"

The site of the Belo Monte Dam was peacefully occupied today by hundreds of indigenous leaders, fishermen and riverine people.

Photos from Our 2011 Annual Luncheon

This year's luncheon was a celebration of fifteen years of achievements for the people and rainforests of the Amazon.

Sarayaku Delegation in Costa Rica

Long-time Amazon Watch counterparts from Sarayaku were in Costa Rica over the week of July 4th, bringing their own government before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Last Stand for the Xingu

Called by the legendary elder Kayapó Chief Raoni Metyktire, the assembly in Piaraçu aimed to discuss the impending human rights and environmental disaster that is the Belo Monte Dam on the Lower Xingu.

2011 Delegation to the Ecuadorian Amazon

A journey to the heart of the Ecuadorian rainforest to experience both Chevron's legacy of contamination and the pristine and breathtaking Yasuni National Forest.