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Defend Indigenous Lives, Territories, and Rights in the Peruvian Amazon!

Indigenous forest guardians of the Peruvian Amazon are being threatened and killed by narco-traffickers, as they invade the rainforest and set up new coca operations.

Courageous local leaders are standing for the rights of their communities and have requested international solidarity. They have been bringing their message to Peruvian national authorities through media campaigns and in-person advocacy meetings, demanding legal recognition of their ancestral territories and efforts by the government to stop the wave of land invasions.

Join us in demanding the protection of local leaders under threat and community land titling, both which go hand in hand for the protection of Indigenous lives.

TO: Peruvian Ministers of Agriculture and Justice –

We stand with Kakataibo, Shipibo, and Asháninka Indigenous peoples of the central Peruvian Amazon, demanding urgent attention to the dangerous situation facing communities and their leaders. We urge you to attend to the demand for communal land titling, especially in the Puerto Inca region. Additionally, we also encourage you to urgently implement the Inter-Governmental Mechanism for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders. We will continue to stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities working to protect their Amazon rainforest homelands.

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