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This excellent short film about the Achuar of Peru makes it clear

Who are Amazon Watch's indigenous partners? Why are they so important for the long-term survival of the Amazon? How is oil extraction a threat to their way of life? What does climate change mean to them?

There is a lot of information available on the Amazon Watch website and social media responding to those questions, but this six-minute documentary "Beneath The Canopy: The Achuar Fight Back Against Big Oil And Climate Change" does an elegant job of summing it up.

Last year we were approached by the filmmaker, Gregory Kershaw, who was interested in documenting how climate change affects indigenous peoples in the Amazon and how they respond. Kershaw had already made a film for the up-and-coming media outlet Fusion about climate impacts on highlands indigenous peoples in Bolivia. We were immediately struck by its simplicity and beautiful cinematography.

Amazon Watch connected Kershaw with our Achuar colleagues in the north Peruvian Amazon and provided critical logistical support to get their crew there. The outcome: a film entirely narrated by Achuar leaders and community members.

Amazon Watch works hard to ensure that indigenous spokespeople are featured in media coverage related to their lands and rights, but rarely do we see a film 100% in their voice. That's why we're so eager for you to watch and share the film. For more check out the full article on Fusion, entitled "This Peruvian tribe's approach to fighting big oil just makes so much sense".

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