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In 2019, fires devastated the Amazon rainforest due to a drastic and deliberate increase in deforestation fueled by Brazil's president and industrial agribusiness. Indigenous peoples – the best defenders of the forests – have sounded the alarm and called for international support to stop what they identify as a genocide. These fires threaten not only Indigenous lands, but the global climate.

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Joaquin Phoenix stars in "Guardians of Life," a new short film that centers on the near-critical stage of the climate crisis the planet is facing. The video features Phoenix as an emergency room doctor; he and his fellow medical professionals – including Q’orianka Kilcher, Rosario Dawson, Matthew Modine, and Albert Hammond Jr. – are attempting to revive a dying patient.

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We face a global climate emergency. One of the consequences of a warming planet is the increasing severity of both wildfires and those that are set by people.

Tragedies on the scale of Australia's fire emergency are a direct result of climate change, which has been further intensified by last year's Amazon fires that released plumes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As consumers, we must recognize our own complicity in this process. The Amazon is being destroyed by industries that produce commodities like soy and beef, much of which is exported to global markets with the help of international financial institutions. Political leaders like Bolsonaro and Morrison enable industries – from agribusiness to fossil fuels – to wreck our climate to our collective detriment.

Just as the devastation in Australia and the Brazilian rainforest are implicitly connected, our choices as consumers and constituents can either promote solutions or make the crisis even worse. Australia's unprecedented disaster – and another horrific Amazon burning season – could become frequent occurrences if we allow corporations and politicians to dodge accountability. We have a collective obligation to address the root causes of climate change and avoid the next global climate disaster. And this will leave little room for leaders like Bolsonaro and Morrison, who continue to prioritize power and profit over our safety.


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Thanks to the many allies who helped to produce the film Guardians of Life and for their commitment to addressing the climate emergency, including:

Climate Save Movement
The Environmental Media Association
Artists for the Amazon

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