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Stop Fueling Amazon Destruction

Extracting crude oil from the western Amazon Basin threatens ecologically- and culturally-sensitive ecosystems critical to global climate stability. California is the largest single importer and processor of this fuel. Therefore, brand-name retailers with significant operations in California have a critical role to play in reducing U.S. demand for...

#EndAmazonCrude Campaign Takes Off!

With your help we will end destructive oil extraction in the Amazon. Our climate can't afford it and the indigenous communities fighting to save their homes and cultures need us to unite behind them today.

Now Is the Time To #EndAmazonCrude!

Today Amazon Watch issued a new call to the consumers and companies in the U.S. and around the world: End Amazon Crude! With the release of a new investigative report, an animated video by long-time ally and Pulitzer Prize winning animator Mark Fiore, an infographic, and a petition to demand that refineries in the U.S. stop sourcing crude from the...

Finally, a Gross Climate Habit Californians Should Feel Really Guilty About

The analysis, done by Amazon Watch, a nonprofit working to protect the rainforest, is the first to document the extent to which Amazon rainforest crude oil is present in the United States. Not only does this oil contribute to local air pollution and global climate change, but the expansion of fossil fuel extraction in the Amazon Basin threatens...

Amazon Watch is building on more than 25 years of radical and effective solidarity with Indigenous peoples across the Amazon Basin.


U.S. Drives Rainforest Destruction By Importing Amazon Oil, Study Finds

U.S. imports of crude oil from the Amazon are driving the destruction of some of the rainforest ecosystem's most pristine areas and releasing copious amounts of greenhouse gases, according to a new report conducted by environmental group Amazon Watch.

Amazon Crude Used in U.S. Truck Fleets Is Destroying the Rainforest

Oakland, CA – A new report entitled From Well to Wheel: The Social, Environmental and Climate Costs of Amazon Crude released Wednesday by Amazon Watch reveals the extent to which U.S. imports of crude oil from the Amazon – most of which are refined in California – help drive the ongoing expansion of oil operations into some of the Amazon...

From Well to Wheel

Unbeknownst to most, oil extraction in the Amazon is not only rampant; it is also expanding rapidly as global supplies dwindle and economic pressures multiply. Even lesser known is the fact that the majority of this rainforest-destroying fossil fuel ends up in gas tanks throughout the United States.

Ecuador Begins Drilling for Oil in Pristine Corner of Amazon

Ecuador began drilling for oil on Wednesday near an Amazon nature reserve known as Yasuni, a site that President Rafael Correa had previously sought to protect from development and pollution under a pioneering conservation plan.

Oil Production Begins at Controversial Amazon Drilling Project

Tomorrow, Ecuadorian state oil company Petroamazonas will produce the first barrel of commercial crude from the ITT fields that lie beneath Yasuní National Park, an area that some scientists have called the most biodiverse rainforest on Earth.

Drilling Towards Disaster: Ecuador’s Aggressive Amazonian Oil Push

Last week, the Ecuadorian government announced that it had begun constructing the first of a planned 276 wells, ten drilling platforms, and multiple related pipelines and production facilities in the ITT oil field, known as Block 43, which overlaps Yasuní National Park in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest.

A Journey to the Front Lines of Ecuador’s Next Oil Battle

"In the rainforest, everything is possible. Here are our pharmacies. Here are our libraries. Here is our treasure, our life. Not only for us, for the entire world. So our future generations, your children, your children's children, can live and breathe clean air."

Amazon in Focus 2015

The past year saw many important victories for our partners, yet the next several years will be critical to advancing rainforest protection, indigenous rights, and solutions to climate change such as clean, renewable energy.

2015 Achievements and Priorities

It costs only $.03 per acre per year to support Amazon Watch's work with indigenous peoples to protect more than 60 million acres of rainforest from oil development and mega-dams. Please join us!

Amazon in Focus 2014

Plus Our Annual Financial Report for 2013

We stand at a critical moment in history. Amazon Watch is facing this challenge with great resolve and creativity. We are a powerful community and without you and your support, none of our work would be possible.

Open Letter to Petroamazonas from Yasunidos

Report on the Cuyabeno oil spill

Alarmed and distressed by the information that diverse organizations and Amazonian populations shared with Yasunidos regarding the magnitude of the oil spill on July 3rd in the province of Sucumbíos, a commission traveled the length of Aguarico River, verified the extent of the spill's path, and received first-hand testimonies from affected...

Supporting Community-Led Environmental Monitoring in the Wake of an Oil Spill

ClearWater | A Petroamazonas pipeline ruptured, spewing thousands of barrels of crude oil into the Aguarico River. When would the company stop the spill? How poisoned is our water? When will it be safe to bathe, wash clothes, and fish in our river? Will the company clean up the spill? These were the questions on the minds of many of the Cofán, Siona and...