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All the Ways You Can Support Amazon Watch

December 20, 2021 | Caelin Weiss | Eye on the Amazon

When you make a tax-deductible donation to Amazon Watch, you can count on your contribution being put to work effectively and immediately.

We serve our Indigenous partners by providing direct solidarity funding to respond to emergencies and support movement building. We stop Amazon destruction by holding oil companies and the banks financing extractive industries accountable. We advocate for the permanent protection of Indigenous ancestral territories to avert the tipping point of the rainforest ecosystem and the climate crisis by amplifying Indigenous knowledge and solutions.

As we work to achieve climate justice and a just transition for all, we always center Indigenous voices in the movement.

Every donation makes a difference, and there are many ways you can contribute to this critical work. Here are a few ways to give that you can consider during this season of generosity. If you have questions or would like our help making a gift, our team is here to support you.

Make a monthly gift for the Amazon: monthly giving is convenient and secure, and you can get in touch with our team at to make changes to your monthly donation at any time. Rest assured that each month you are supporting rainforest protection, resisting destructive development, and standing in solidarity with Indigenous peoples throughout the Amazon Basin.

Claim a match from your employer: your employer may have a matching gift policy for charitable contributions made by employees. Ask your employer if they’ll match your donations to Amazon Watch! We send automatic emailed receipts for all online donations, which you can use to claim a match from your employer. Let us know if you need us to resend confirmation of your donation.

Make a donation via a Donor-Advised Fund: if you have an existing donor-advised fund, you’ve already committed to supporting charitable causes (you rock!), so now is a perfect time to recommend a gift to Amazon Watch. If your fund is hosted by Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable, or BNY Mellon you can begin the recommendation process right here. We accept donations from all donor-advised funds, so you can also go through your institution’s regular grant-making process. Our tax ID is 95-4604782 and we’re here to assist.

Donate stock: giving stock has some advantages over cash donations, like avoiding capital gains tax on top of allowing you to claim a charitable deduction. Donating appreciated stock may even let you make a larger gift than you normally would. We’re ready to receive your stock donation at any time — see our sample stock donation letter for all of the information you need. And, please be in touch with our team to let us know about your gift so we can attribute it to you when we receive it!

Set up an IRA distribution: if your traditional IRA requires you to make minimum distributions from the account, consider making a Qualified Charitable Distribution directly to Amazon Watch. With an eligible 501(c)3 nonprofit receiving the distributions, they won’t be subject to the same taxes as a personal disbursement, and they will directly support our mission to protect the Amazon and amplify Indigenous voices and solutions. Questions? We’re here.

Make Amazon Watch part of your legacy: ensure your continued impact on the future of the Amazon by making a legacy gift to Amazon Watch. There are many ways to do this, including making a bequest in your will or Revocable Living Trust, or naming Amazon Watch as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, IRA, 401(k), or other qualified retirement plan, with different degrees of flexibility and tax deductions. Your professional financial advisor can provide personalized advice about which options are best for you. Reach out with other thoughts or questions about the process.

Our annual reports and audited financial statements are readily available for your review.

You can also support our work in the following ways:

  • Take action for the Earth and Indigenous peoples: our work is a collective movement for a livable future with Indigenous rights, knowledge and self-determination at the center. There are many ways you can amplify Indigenous peoples’ voices and movements, and we’re here to connect you with these opportunities.
  • Follow us on social: stay tuned into stories from the Amazon, key campaign updates and opportunities to speak up for climate justice and Indigenous rights. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising: connect your community with Amazon Watch so they can join you in the growing movement of people committed to stopping Amazon destruction, amplifying Indigenous solutions and advancing climate justice. Check out how easy it is to begin a fundraiser for Amazon Watch.
  • Pro tip: consider inviting your friends and family to make a gift in your name for the Amazon in lieu of holiday presents. We’ll track your donations and send you a list of all who contributed in your name! Questions? Get in touch with our team.
  • Purchase Amazon Watch t-shirts and gear: visit our online store today to support Amazon Watch in style! Proceeds from each item you purchase directly support our work to protect the Amazon in solidarity with our Indigenous partners. Plus, these styles are too cool to miss.
  • Become a business supporter: Amazon Watch’s business supporters find many creative ways to contribute to our work, and our staff is here to help you do the same. Be in touch, we’d love to connect!
  • NFT giving: Your collectible art can have a powerful impact on the Amazon. Donate a portion of your NFT sales to Amazon Watch to support Indigenous rights and rainforest protection. We’re here to answer your questions about the process.

Thank you for the many ways you support our work in solidarity with Indigenous peoples! We’re grateful to be on this path with you.

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Amazon Watch is building on more than 25 years of radical and effective solidarity with Indigenous peoples across the Amazon Basin.


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