Tell BlackRock: Stop Financing Amazon and Climate Destruction!

As the Amazon rainforest burns, BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, contributes greatly to its destruction and the violation of indigenous rights by investing millions of dollars in oil, mining, and agribusiness companies operating there. It invests in companies like Bunge, a commodities exporter that buys massive amounts of soy from the Brazilian Amazon – and so it would profit from President Bolsonaro's destructive policies to "open the Amazon for business."

As one of the largest investors in oil and gas worldwide, BlackRock contributes more to climate change than nearly any other company on Earth. And its CEO, Larry Fink, thinks he can greenwash his company's dirty investment practices with deceptive statements about "positive contributions to society."

But we won't let him get away with that: Demand that BlackRock put its money where its mouth is and stop investing in companies destroying the Amazon and the climate!

JPMorgan Chase and BlackRock: Stop Financing Amazon Destruction!

23,571 people have taken this action so far.

To: Laurence D. Fink, CEO of BlackRock, Inc.

BlackRock must shift its investments away from the industries destroying the vital Amazon rainforest and the homes of its indigenous inhabitants.

Many of the oil, mining, and agribusiness activities in which BlackRock holds shares actively violate indigenous rights and worsen our climate crisis.

Stop financing Amazon and climate destruction!

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To learn more, read our report, Investing in Amazon Destruction

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