Eye on the Amazon

A Hopeful Message from the Future from Gael García Bernal and Emma Thompson

Our planet is on fire and we cannot breathe. From the criminal arson ravaging the Amazon rainforest for profit to the wildfires raging on the West Coast of the United States due to escalating climate chaos, our planet and communities are under attack. The smoke has turned our days into nights – in the middle of a pandemic that attacks our bodies' respiratory system.

These are not isolated incidents. They are symptoms of broken systems that perpetuate the destruction of the environment, place profit over people, and enable systemic racism.

We partnered with The Leap, The Intercept, the Movement for Black Lives, and a coalition of organizations to bring you a short animated film with a message of hope.

Message from the Future II: The Years of Repair dares to dream of a future in which 2020 is a historic turning point, where the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic and global uprisings against racism drive us to rebuild a better society in which no one is sacrificed, and everyone is essential.

This future includes the recognition and respect of Indigenous-led solutions and the full protection of the Amazon. The film highlights the work we must do to achieve this vision:

"The #LANDBACK program began the historic process of returning some of the stolen land to Indigenous jurisdiction. In the process, we remembered how taking care of the Earth lays the ground for taking care of each other."

We must unite our calls and movements to protect the Amazon, defend Indigenous rights, and demand racial and climate justice.

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