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Protecting the Amazon Is Going to Take All of Us!

January 10, 2020 | Eye on the Amazon

Hundreds of thousands of people have stepped up to protect the Amazon rainforest and defend Indigenous rights. We are particularly touched and inspired by the number of creative fundraisers and awareness campaigns that were hosted by youth, individuals, organizations, and businesses!

We are heartened by the many children and schools who reached out to support our work from Argentina to Australia to Singapore to the United Kingdom and beyond. The youth kept us motivated and inspired amidst constant devastating news about the fires across the Amazon. Young climate activists also came together and made this insightful video and shared it with friends and family on social media. Thank you for providing us with renewed hope about our growing movement!

Protect Our Winters, professional athlete Jeremy Jones, and artist Jeremy Collins united to host a fundraiser highlighting the importance of the Amazon in protecting the health of our global climate. Their awareness campaign and sweepstakes had one clear message: we need to protect the Amazon to protect our winters.

People danced the night away, used their art, comedy and even pushed their physical limits to raise awareness and contributions for the cause! Laura Meddens, a painter from Amsterdam, created an abstract piece entitled Amazon Sorrow, sparked by the devastating fires. Thomas James Parrish walked the Camino del Norte trail – over 500 miles! – as a fundraiser for Amazon Watch. Creative collective Mingos hosted Canopy House, an event for the benefit of the Amazon in Seattle. WileOut music held global fundraising parties in Sydney, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn! The Greatest Generation, the comedy Star Trek podcast is also hosting a fundraiser show at SF Sketchfest.

Our movement also inspired businesses to give and stand in solidarity with indigeous peoples and the Amazon. Bumble, Dr. Bronner’s, Reformation, Partnerships Edition, CREDO, LUSH, Noomi Stockholm, Bhava Studio, Residus, Gunas, Vivo Life, and The Boug’s Co. among others, raised awareness, hosted fundraisers, promoted our work, and made contributions. Mpowerd provided solar lights to our Indigenous partners. Bird +Stone made a special bracelet and necklace design for the benefit the Amazon.

Selina, 8 Billion Trees, Beam Impact and the Blue Stripes Cacao Shop, NUX, Sahara London, Merakilabbe, Eight Arm Cellars, Wooden Ships, Kritter Klips, Moon Bath, ANARA, and Rose + Water also partnered with us for the protection of the Amazon and Indigenous rights. This is just a partial list of all the support we’ve received. They were all inspired by people like you and the list keeps growing!

For everyone that hosted a fundraiser, shared our videos and posts, or did something creative to spread awareness and protect the Amazon, thank you. This movement requires all hands on deck, and every effort over the past few months has amplified the realities taking place in the Amazon rainforest. We need to maintain the same sense of urgency in order to protect it and its Indigenous peoples. Onward together!

We are looking for sponsorships for our annual gala Amplify! this April 22, 2020! Please contact for more information.

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