AIDESEP Presents an Effective Action Plan to Petroperu for the Amazon Oil Spills


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The Inter-Ethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Amazon (AIDESEP) will meet today with representatives of Petroperu to demand from the company an immediate solution through an effective action plan to the environmental disaster resulting from the most recent spills in Chiriaco and Morona, caused by lack of maintenance of the Northern Peruvian Pipeline.

In this meeting we will present a plan that has as its principal action the immediate suspension of pumping of oil through the pipeline, until the company has carried out all the necessary supervisions, checks, and repairs. Also, to provide supplies of water and food to the affected communities in Chiriaco, Imaza, and Morona and to carry out toxicological exams and provide emergency health care to the affected populations, amongst other demands.

"The pipeline is bursting with greater frequency and we aren't going to just wait for it to happen again, with total impunity, or that an even greater catastrophe takes place. When there are spills, first everything is promised but later we are abandoned, until the next spill and the next apology. As such, during our meeting on February 29th 2016, we propose to Petroperu the following points for an effective action plan to confront the spills of the Northern Peruvian Pipeline," indicates the introduction of the letter that will be presented to authorities.

Principal demands and proposals:

  1. Immediate suspension of pumping of oil through the pipeline, until all the necessary supervisions, checks, and reparations have been carried out.
  2. Independent monitoring with supervision by the organizations representing affected Indigenous peoples (ORPIAN, CORPI-SL, and AIDESEP) of the Amazon section of the pipeline.
  3. Immediate repairs to the pipeline, with changes of pipes, welding, and other similar actions that guarantee it won't burst again.
  4. Identify and sanction the functionaries that allowed or contracted minors and adults to perform cleaning tasks without proper protection.
  5. Supply of potable water to the affected communities of Chiriaco, Imaza, Moron and other nearby places, for whatever length of time is necessary. At least one year of emergency environmental and health support in the recently affected zones.
  6. Toxicological exams and emergency heath care to the affected population, especially children and those who carried out cleanup of the spilled oil.
  7. Implement a system of community health all along the pipeline, with participation of ORPIAN, CORPI-SL, and AIDESEP, and financed by Petroperu and the Peruvian Ministry of Health.
  8. Recuperation or restoration of the lakes, streams, rivers, and fields that were affected by the two spills.

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