Peru: CLEAN UP Oil Spills in the Amazon and Support Affected Communities

At least two devastating oil spills have occurred in the Peruvian Amazon since January 25th, spilling thousands of barrels of oil into Amazonian rivers. Peru's national oil company is responsible yet has STILL NOT responded adequately to the disaster by providing clean water, food, and necessary health services to affected indigenous communities.

Please send a message to Peru's Prime Minister insisting on a comprehensive governmental response TODAY!

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To: Pedro Cateriano, Prime Minister of Peru –

Peru must respect human rights and the environment and stop all oil operations in the affected areas until the pipeline is replaced. The state of emergency in Peru is set to expire on April 27th yet most affected communities are still waiting for basic relief and continue to suffer. Your government must take concrete action to provide immediate relief and repair and upgrade the pipelines in the Peruvian Amazon as per community demands.

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