Our Work

In the Amazon region of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, Amazon Watch is working directly with indigenous communities to build local capacity and advance the long-term protection of their lands. In partnership with communities, non-governmental organizations, concerned shareholders and citizens, we utilize the following strategies:

  • Campaign to persuade decision-makers in corporations, international financial institutions and governments to honor the rights of indigenous peoples over "development" decisions in their territories and to rectify past harms, for example in areas devastated by oil drilling. Through media exposure, legal action and shareholder campaigns we demand social and environmental accountability.
  • Strengthen capacity of indigenous communities and partner organizations in the Amazon to better advocate for their own rights at local, national and international forums. Through training in legal skills, advocacy, media and technology as well as the donation of equipment, we help our indigenous partners assert their collective voice and advance their own vision for their territories.
  • Seek permanent protection for threatened areas and vulnerable indigenous populations in the Amazon rainforest. In partnership with ally organizations in South America, we champion ecologically sound alternatives and solutions to industrial and fossil-fuel intensive economic "development."
  • Educate corporate executives, shareholders, public officials and the general public using media coverage, websites, publications and documentary films. By building awareness and promoting green economic alternatives to the current export-oriented development model, we are helping to bring about a shift within key institutions and society.


Amplify! A Celebration of Voices from the Amazon

On September 27th, 2017 Amazon Watch will hold its annual gala in San Francisco at the Bently Reserve.


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