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Environment-Finance: Activists Target Investors of US Company Drilling in Colombia

December 27, 2000Inter-Press Service

Washington - Having had no luck convincing a US oil company to halt drilling on land in Colombia claimed by an indigenous tribe, opponents to the project are now declaring some success in targeting investors of the corporation.

Activism - Fidelity Gets Out

December 21, 2000Boston Phoenix

Fidelity Investments is no longer the prime target of a campaign to halt oil drilling in the Colombian rain forest, but two other New England-based companies may soon take the investment giant's place.

Private Sector: He May Win the Pennant, but Easy on the Champagne Letter from a Surprise Visitor

December 17, 2000The New York Times

Investment bankers know they are not immune to protests by shareholder activists who sometimes see Wall Street as an accomplice to social wrongs. But last week, when Roberto Perez, chief of the Uwa Indian nation of Colombia, paid an unannounced visit to the the San Francisco headquarters of the Sanford C. Bernstein investment firm, it seemed caught unprepared.


Colombian Tribe Steps Up Battle against Occidental

December 13, 2000Reuters

New York - Colombia's U'Wa Indians, a 5,000-strong tribe fighting to keep Big Oil out of their corner of the rainforest, have stepped up their campaign to bury California energy company Occidental Corp. (NYSE:OXY - news).

U'Wa Chief Roberto Perez this week went to the corporate battleground, visiting the San Francisco offices of investment firm Sanford C.

Campaign Launched Against SANFORD BERNSTEIN for 'Unethical' Investments in Oil Project on U'wa People's Sacred Land Groups Call on Company to Divest from Occidental Petroleum

December 12, 2000

San Francisco, CA-U'wa Indian chief Roberto Perez joined activists from environmental and human rights organizations today to launch a grassroots campaign against the largest investor in Occidental Petroleum (OXY), Sanford Bernstein & Co. for its involvement in an oil project on the U'wa's land in Colombia.

Decreto No. 1088 de 1993 Resolución de registro No. 003 de febrero de 1997. Dirección genera de asuntos Indígenas Ministerio del Interior PRONUNCIAMENTO A LA OPINION PUBLICA NACIONAL E INTERNACIONAL

November 22, 2000

Una vez más el Pueblo U'wa rechazamos la actitud avasalladora de la Oxy, porque esta pretende seguir desconociendo la Soberania de nuestro Pueblo Milernario y por tanto de la legitimidad de nosotros los U'wa con respecto a los Territorios Ancestrales que hoy pisotean los agentes de la Multinacional Occidental de Colombia Inc.

Decree No. 1088 of 1993 - Resolution of Register No. 003 of January 1997 Indigenous Affairs - Minister of the Interior PRONOUNCEMENT TO THE NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY

November 22, 2000

Once again, the U'wa people reject the enslaving attitude of Occidental Petroleum, which continues to disregard the sovereignty and legitimacy of the U'wa, a millennial people, by allowing agents of the multinational Occidental Colombia Inc.

Plan Colombia: Fumigation Threatens Amazon, Warn Indigenous Leaders, Scientists

November 21, 2000Inter Press Service

Washington - The spraying of chemical herbicides to destroy coca fields in southern Colombia could seriously threaten the rainforests and wildlife of the Amazon and the health of indigenous and small farming communities, warned scientists and indigenous leaders here.

As part of a 1.6 billion dollar US emergency aid package to Colombia, the South American country is preparing to undertake a large-scale fumigation of il

U.S Anti-Drug Aid Endangers Indigenous Communities and Amazon Biodiversity

November 20, 2000

Washington, DC - Indigenous leaders and scientists held a press conference today warning that aerial fumigation of drug crops with chemical herbicides could seriously threaten the health of Amazonian communities and ecosystems that are among the most diverse in the world. Studies show that fumigation abroad will not decrease drug use in the US.

U.S. Grows Killer Fungus to Fight Heroin

November 19, 2000New York Post

A secret U.S.-funded biological weapon to wipe out the heroin trade is in the final stages of development, raising fears in the scientific community that a monster germ will wreak an "ecological catastrophe."

For the past two years, scientists funded by the U.S. and British governments have been developing a killer fungus that they say destroys the opium poppies that produce the raw material for heroin.

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