Tell BlackRock to Stop Financing Amazon Fires!

While the Amazon burns, BlackRock is fanning the flames. Instead of using its power to actively push for companies to decarbonize – as science makes clear is necessary – BlackRock has decided to put its profits first.

The world's largest asset manager invests billions in agribusiness and fossil fuels, the industries driving Indigenous land invasions, deforestation, and the subsequent burning season across the Amazon rainforest. Join us in holding BlackRock accountable!

Call on BlackRock to stop investing in Amazon destruction and develop binding policies on Indigenous rights and deforestation!

To: Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock

The Amazon rainforest is on fire and you are complicit. The companies you invest in, like the Brazilian beef exporter JBS, are linked to illegal deforestation and Indigenous land invasions. Deforestation is not only tinder for this year's burning season, but a leading driver of climate change, making BlackRock a key player in the climate and human rights crisis in the Amazon.

BlackRock can use its shareholder power to pressure the companies in which it invests. To make the urgent transformations needed to protect the rights of Indigenous peoples and mitigate the climate crisis, BlackRock MUST develop and commit to a binding policy on Indigenous rights and deforestation.

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