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Thousands of Indigenous People in the Ecuadorian Amazon in Urgent Need After Extreme Floods

"This has everything to do with climate change."

As Indigenous peoples prepare for COVID-19, historic storms in the Ecuadorian Amazon have caused rivers to rise and have flooded communities including Sarayaku, Pacayaku, and Teresa Mama on the Bobonaza River. This has led to the collapse of bridges and destruction of homes, schools, and gardens to grow food and medicine.

These communities have no access to basic services, which leaves Indigenous families in an extremely vulnerable situation.

Indigenous peoples of the Amazon are on the front lines of climate change, protecting living forests while resisting extraction and other threats. They are putting their lives on the line and now they need our support! We are asking the international community to support the guardians of the forest during this emergency to help with funds for urgent humanitarian aid, including food, shelter, and clothing for those in need.

You can support Indigenous communities on the Bobonaza River by contributing to this GoFundMe fundraiser launched by Sarayaku youth with Amazon Watch as their fiscal sponsor. Amazon Watch and Rainforest Action Network are partnering to support affected communities and our long-term partners by each contributing a match of $10,000 via our Amazon Defenders Fund and RAN's Protect An Acre Fund. Please join us!

"MY ENTIRE COMMUNITY IS UNDER WATER AFTER EXTREME FLOODINGS! My family, my friends, and people along the Bobonaza river basin have lost their homes, crops, animals, everything. The bridge that connects my community is destroyed. The school is gone. It is the worst flooding ever in the region. I am devastated and I feel powerless from afar. The past days we have been doing everything in our power to prevent the coronavirus pandemic from entering our communities because that would be a complete disaster. And now this...My people need our support now. Yesterday we couldn't find my family members. I have never prayed so much in my life. Thank you Mama Earth for keeping them alive.”

View the Instagram feeds of Nina Gualinga and Helena Gualinga for frequent updates.

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