Investor's Eye on the Amazon - Winter 2015

In our Winter 2015 issue, we bring you the latest updates and investor risks associated with companies operating or investing in the Amazon region.

The Slimy Seventeen profiles oil companies that are damaging the Amazon rainforest and threatening indigenous peoples that call this biodiverse ecosystem their home. Oil in the Peruvian Amazon: A 2015 Panorama offers an in-depth look at ongoing oil contamination and current threats to the Peruvian Amazon, including the Peruvian government's plans to auction off 26 new oil blocks. Additionally, Chevron, a company with its own legacy of contamination, recently won Public Eye's Lifetime Award for its disaster in Ecuador and subsequent efforts to evade responsibility.

But it's not just extractive industry that is threatening Amazonian communities. Activists are protesting Siemens' decision to provide huge hydroelectric turbines for Brazil's Belo Monte mega-dam, which is currently under construction on the Amazon's Xingu River. They are also calling out GDF Suez for misleading ethical investors with highly dubious "green" and "sustainable" credentials, namely, its so-called "Green Bond," linked to the company's catastrophic Jirau mega-dam.

As always, Amazon Watch is thankful for the work of socially responsible investors. Don't hesitate to be in touch and let us know how this newsletter can best provide you with valuable information.

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