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Belo Sun No!

Stop further tragedy on the Xingu River

Belo Sun No!

Sign the petition to tell the Governor of Pará to deny Belo Sun a license for its destructive gold mine!


This week Amazon Watch joined a global coalition of organizations to launch a campaign in defense of Indigenous and traditional communities threatened by the Canadian mining company Belo Sun. The Toronto-based company plans to build Brazil's largest gold mine on the banks of the Amazon's Xingu River in the very area that is most impacted by the disastrous Belo Monte dam. Together with our partners in Brazil, Canada, the United States, and Europe, we are standing against Belo Sun's outrageous scheme to reap massive profits from the social and environmental havoc being caused by Belo Monte.

Aiming to extract tons of gold from the Xingu's "Big Bend" region, Belo Sun is swooping in like a scavenger, promising to heap further tragedy on local communities and a declining ecosystem. You can read more about Belo Sun's looming criminal intentions here.

We cannot allow this reckless corporate malfeasance to take place on our watch! Forty-four organizations worldwide have signed on to a letter detailing the threat posed by Belo Sun and demanding the mega-mine's environmental licensing process be immediately suspended and placed under rigorous review. Together we can halt further disaster from befalling the peoples and environment of the mighty Xingu River.

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