New Pipelines Threaten Intact Amazon Rainforests in Brazil The Dark Side of President Cardoso ’s “Advance Brazil Plan”: Carving Energy Grids in the Heart of the Brazilian Amazon

Project Overview
In the heart of the Brazilian Amazon,over 400 miles (700 km)upriver from Manaus,two new pipelines are planned to expand oil and gas production from the Urucu and Jurua gas fields.One of the riskiest and least talked about schemes of Avanca Brasil ,this undertaking is one of 20 major infrastructure projects launched as part of President Cardoso's $45 billion plan to “advance Brazil.”

The pipeline route would serve as a conduit for loggers,miners, ranchers,and colonists to spread deforestation into pristine areas,some of which are inhabited by extremely vulnerable isolated Indigenous groups including the Apurina,Paumari,Deni and Juma.

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