The Amazon Is on Fire. Here's What You Can Do.

Catastrophic fires are ravaging the Amazon – more than 112,000 in Brazil alone this year, a 44% increase over the same time period last year. Fires are also raging in Bolivia and Peru. It is an international tragedy and a dangerous escalation of the climate emergency.

In the wake of this crisis, Amazon Watch is working around the clock to respond, expand our advocacy work on behalf of our Indigenous allies, and redirect funds to provide direct support for Indigenous communities fighting to defend their rights and territories. The amazing increase in support has been vital to our efforts to significantly expand our work in Brazil and direct regranting to partners via our Amazon Protectors Fund.

Where Are the Fires?

Fires recorded across the Amazon between August 1st and September 11th, 2019. Credit: INPE

According to a report from Brazil's Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI), which sourced data from Brazil's Space Research Agency (INPE), there has been an 88% increase in fires on Indigenous territories this year compared with 2018.

Between January and August 2019, there were 9,084 fires detected on 274 Indigenous territories compared with 4,827 fires on 231 Indigenous territories during the same period in 2018. In August alone there were 4,754 fires detected on Indigenous lands, corresponding to 52.4% of this year's total and representing a 133.5% spike over last year's numbers.

The explosive rise of fires in Indigenous territories this year exceeds the increase in fires across Brazil as a whole, further demonstrating how the country's native minority continues to bear the brunt of the worst devastation occurring the Amazon today. It is also another indictment of how Bolsonaro's anti-Indigenous policy and rhetoric is playing out on the ground, where criminals are increasingly emboldened to raze and burn Indigenous forests with impunity.

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