• ¡Yasuní Depende de Ti!

    Celebrities rise in solidarity with Ecuadorians to defend the Yasuní National Park from oil drilling.

  • Stop Chevron's Attacks Against the Very People It Poisoned!

    Don't let Chevron turn defending the environment and human rights into a crime.

  • Belo Monte: Justice Now!

    Join the worldwide chorus calling for justice by urging Brazil's Supreme Court to rule on lawsuits against the Belo Monte Dam.

  • Show Solidarity with Fundación Pachamama!

    Tell Ecuador to reinstate Pachamama Foundation and end repression of civil society and indigenous peoples.

  • Send an eCard from the Amazon!

    Share your passion for the rainforest by sending a free Amazon Watch eCard.

  • Damocracy: The Movie

    Watch this powerful new documentary that chronicles the growing global movement to resist destructive new large-scale dams.

  • Amazon in Focus

    With your help, Amazon Watch and our partenrs are rising to meet the defining battles of our time.

  • ClearWater: Immediate Relief for Ecuador

    "Water is the source of life. Without clean water we can't survive."

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