Free Steven Donziger!

U.S. human rights lawyer Steven Donziger has been placed under house arrest for ONE YEAR without trial in retaliation for a historic environmental court judgment against Chevron.

Join 29 Nobel Laureates, hundreds of lawyers and bar associations, numerous prominent NGOs, and many others in calling for the immediate release of human rights lawyer Steven Donziger and for Chevron to immediately comply with the rule of law and pay the court judgment it owes to the people of Ecuador.

Please call on the U.S. Congress to act on the request of members of the European Parliament's Subcommittee on Human Rights and investigate the judicial harassment, violations of due process, and overall mistreatment of human rights lawyer Steven Donziger!

Photo credit: Lisa Gibbons

To: Members of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission and Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties

I call on you to address the concerns of the European Parliament and the countless other human rights organizations, lawyers, Nobel Laureates, and individuals like myself who view the attacks on Steven Donziger as attacks on the rule of law and Free Speech affecting all advocates as well as the very fabric of our nation's democracy. We call on you to immediately investigate how Chevron has taken control of the government's power to prosecute and used it to deprive a respected human rights lawyer of his liberty in an effort to intimidate and silence legitimate advocacy.

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Learn more about Steven's case here

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