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Rights at Risk as Ecuador’s President Dissolves Congress

A wave of uncertainty and concern has gripped Ecuador after right-wing President Lasso invoked Article 148, known as the “muerte cruzada” clause in the country’s constitution, dissolving congress and convening new elections. 

10th Annual Global Anti-Chevron Day

From Australia to Argentina, Richmond to Ecuador, the Anti-Chevron community remains united

Anti-Chevron Day is not just about drawing attention to Chevron’s misdeeds, but also pointing out how many affected communities and their allies continue to support one another in resistance.

New Video: Protecting the Right to Protest and Defeating Corporate Bullies

Corporations like Resolute and Chevron continue to use legal bullying to attack Earth Defenders and the climate justice movement

“We formed this task force to protect our rights – and yours – to speak out, criticize, and protest peacefully. From SLAPP suits to surveillance, we are here to defend your protest. Because democracy needs dissent.”

Recent Reports

The Risks of Investing in Belo Sun

Belo Sun's executives have repeatedly and publicly downplayed the social, environmental, and legal risks of the Volta Grande Project, thereby heightening risks for current and potential investors.

Respecting Indigenous Rights

An Actionable Due Diligence Toolkit for Institutional Investors

The rights of Indigenous peoples are protected by a robust and growing body of international human rights instruments and jurisprudence. This Toolkit provides practical guidance and tools for institutional investors to learn about and meet their responsibility to respect Indigenous peoples’ rights, and in turn, avoid financial, and reputational...

The Risks of Investing in Petroperú

This risk assessment describes the political, social, financial, environmental, and legal risks associated with investing in Petroperú. It also compiles the perspective of some communities that could be affected by the threat of oil operations by Petroperú, in particular, the Achuar People of the Pastaza River and the Autonomous Territorial...

News on Indigenous Rights, the Amazon, and Our Global Climate Crisis

Ecuador Makes History: Vote to Keep the Oil in the Ground in Yasuní Underway

Watch this video update from our Ecuador legal advisor, Nathaly Yepez, about the exciting referendum

The protection of Yasuní is crucial: It is one of the most biodiverse places on earth, and any invasions by oil and extractive activity could further destabilize our global climate and destroy the territory of the Tagaeri and Taromenane peoples.

Dismantling the Environment Is Shooting Yourself in the Foot 

Nearly 800 organizations sign a letter rejecting Provisional Measure 1154 in Brazil

The substitute for Provisional Measure 1154, approved in the Mixed Committee, dismantles the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MMA) and the agencies linked to it and weakens the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples (MPI). The text needs to be amended by the House of Representatives and the Senate. 

“Worthless”: Chevron’s Carbon Offsets Are Mostly Junk and Some May Harm, Research Says

Exclusive: Investigation finds energy giant's efforts to offset its huge emissions rely on schemes with little impact

The Guardian | A new investigation into Chevron’s climate pledge has found the fossil-fuel company relies on “junk” carbon offsets and “unviable” technologies, which do little to offset its vast greenhouse gas emissions and in some cases may actually be causing communities harm.

Association of Brazil’s Indigenous Peoples Succeeds in Pressuring President Lula da Silva to Dismiss “Anti-Indigenous” Mining Bill

Deemed unconstitutional, if passed Bolsonaro's bill could have enabled high-impact projects to move forward without consulting Indigenous communities, it now requires a vote from the national congress

"We hope that the National Congress fulfills its duty to legislate for environmental balance, the social well-being of Brazilians, and respect for Indigenous peoples' ways of life."

Amazon Watch Response to Petroperú

Under international standards, the impacted communities should have been consulted for the creation of Block 64 as well as all leasing contracts, which did not happen. As such, the “intercultural dialogue mechanisms” cannot be considered as complying with the international standards of FPIC.

Demarcation Now! Brazil’s Indigenous Movement Secures Land Recognition Victories at Annual Free Land Camp

Munduruku land Sawré Muybu, home to 2023 Goldman Prize Winner Alessandra Munduruku, is one of the territories heading into the final steps of the demarcation process

"Lula promised to resume land demarcation. We believe in him, but let's not fool ourselves that now the fight will be easy. We will not solve 523 years of destruction in four years, but we will push on!"

Amazon Indigenous Woman Wins Goldman Environment Prize

Associated Press | “This award is an opportunity to draw attention to the demarcation of the Sawre Muybu territory. It is our top priority, along with the expulsion of illegal miners.”

The Right to Decide: U’wa Bring Case to Court After 25 Years

“As the U’wa Nation, we have a special mission for the Blue Planet, our Mother Earth, which is to defend her, protect her, safeguard her. Not just for the U’wa but for the whole world. This is the essence of the U’wa struggle from time immemorial.”