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The Belo Monte Hydroelectric Dam Project

Winter 2012World Environment Magazine

Environmentalists, indigenous groups, rocks stars and Hollywood heavy-hitters have had it in for the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam project since Brazil's military dictatorship schemed up the idea some 30 years ago. Over the decades the name of the project has changed along with its design and principle source of financing, but the Brazilian government's insistence of damming the Xingu River in the heart of the Amazon to produce energy has remained steadfast, as has grass roots resistance.

In Brazil, a River Dam Collides with the Past

Environmental and indigenous groups have protested the Xingu River project, which the government says is needed to bring power to the booming country. One villager is waiting as long as he can to leave.

December 30, 2012Los Angeles Times

Santo Antonio, Brazil – The wind blows in from the river, mingling with the scent of the day's last meal in the kitchen. The smells of work and home for Valcione da Silva. He sits on a worn bench and watches children play on the floor, laughing. Somewhere outside, a siren begins, long and loud.

Served by Chevron, and It Just Warms Us Up

Served by Chevron, and It Just Warms Us Up

December 24, 2012

When a giant corporation like Chevron bothers to subpoena a small nonprofit like Amazon Watch, we know our actions are hitting hard. At that moment, I knew we had been doing something right.

The Crystal Method: NOW Is the Time to Support Amazon Watch!

The Crystal Method: NOW Is the Time to Support Amazon Watch!

December 18, 2012

I'm writing with a soulful message from the EDM (electronic dance music) community, straight from the hearts of two ambassadors that have long supported our work – Janine and Ken Jordan.

A Cry from the Heart of Pan Amazonia

A Cry from the Heart of Pan Amazonia

December 12, 2012

Last month the sixth Pan Amazon Social Forum brought together hundreds of community leaders, academics, and NGO representatives from across the Amazon to discuss and debate common challenges and forge collaborative solutions.

Peru's Mysterious "Lot Fitzcarrald" Threatens Uncontacted Tribes

December 11, 2012The Ecologist

Peru is set to embark on a major expansion of gas operations in the Camisea region in the Amazon – a move which could decimate Indigenous peoples, both those in 'voluntary isolation' and others in the early stages of contact.

International Day of Action for Justice Now

International Day of Action for Justice Now

Keep taking action!

December 11, 2012

In recognition of the International Day of Human Rights, people all over the world participated in an "International Day of Action for Justice Now" to stop the Belo Monte Dam in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon.

Emergency in the Amazon

End industrial invasion of the Amazon basin by public and private companies

December 10, 2012

The Brazilian government and Congress are in the process of installing structures to exploit rivers and raw materials in indigenous territories, thus threatening indigenous populations. In the context of International Human Rights Day, indigenous Kayapo chiefs Raoni and Megaron are launching a new appeal to the international community.

Chevron Aims at an Activist Shareholder

December 8, 2012The New York Times

Public corporations routinely tell shareholders that their views matter. So it might seem odd that last month Chevron subpoenaed one of its investors, Trillium Asset Management, which has sponsored numerous shareholder proposals at Chevron over the years.

Take Action for Justice Now! on December 10th

Take Action for Justice Now! on December 10th

December 4, 2012

Right now we are witnessing a critical moment in Brazil's history. Brazil's current energy polices have created glaring setbacks for the rights of indigenous peoples, the environment and Brazilian democracy. It's time to take action for justice.

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Amplify! A Celebration of Voices from the Amazon

On September 27th, 2017 Amazon Watch will hold its annual gala in San Francisco at the Bently Reserve.


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