Main office

2201 Broadway, Suite 508, Oakland, CA 94612
Tel: +1.510.281.9020     Fax: +1.510.281-9021

Washington, DC office

1350 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20036
Tel: +1.202.785.3962

For specific inquiries please contact one of the following people:

Leila Salazar-López, Executive Director
+1.510.281.9020 x303 (office)
Follow Leila on Twitter: @LeilaSalazar10

Paul Paz y Miño, Associate Director
+1.510.281.9020 x302 (office)
Follow Paul on Twitter: @paulpaz

Stephanie Tidwell, Development Director
+1.510.281.9020 x308 (office)
Follow Stephanie on Twitter: @TidwellSteph

Leo Cerda, Field Coordinator
+1.510.520.9390 (office)
+593.97922.8571 (mobile)
Skype: leocten
Follow Leo on Twitter: @leocten

Mariola Fernandez, Administrative Assistant
+1.510.281.9020 x301 (office)

Roberta Giordano, Development Associate
+1.510.281.9020 x306 (office)

Kevin Koenig, Ecuador Program Director
Quito, Ecuador
+593.979.49041 (mobile)
Follow Kevin on Twitter: @kevinmkoenig

Andrew E. Miller, Advocacy Director
+1.202.785.3962 (office)
Follow Andrew on Twitter: @amazonmiller

Christian Poirier, Program Director
Follow Christian on Twitter: @cpeartree

Adam Zuckerman, Environmental and Human Rights Campaigner
+1.510.281.9020 x309 (office)

Atossa Soltani, Board President
+ (mobile)
Follow Atossa on Twitter: @asoltani

Michael Zap, Web Coordinator


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