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A Big Push to Stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam

It's a big day for Amazon Watch and our Brazil campaign team. We're involved in a major push to highlight the struggle against the Belo Monte Monster Dam in the Brazilian Amazon. Check out the press release:

James Cameron and Avatar Cast Shine Spotlight on Real Battles to Defend "Pandoras on Earth"

"A Message From Pandora" Tells the Story of the Battle to Stop the Belo Monte Dam in Brazil's Amazon Rainforest

Los Angeles, CA – Timed with the re-release of Avatar in theatres today, highly acclaimed director James Cameron has teamed up with Amazon Watch to produce a short feature "A Message from Pandora." The documentary spotlights the battle to stop the massive Belo Monte Dam on the Xingu River in the Brazilian Amazon, which thousands of local Indigenous people have vowed to resist, citing its potentially devastating impact on their communities and the rainforest environment. A three-minute trailer of the feature was launched today on the Avatar movie website, inviting Avatar fans to join the campaign to stop the Belo Monte dam and defend the rainforest. The full version of "A Message from Pandora" will be available on the Avatar Special Edition DVD due out this fall.

Read the rest of the release here and visit www.messagefrompandora.org!

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