Eye on the Amazon

A Journey for Clean Water

Water is the source of life. Without clean water we cannot survive. Emergildo Criollo

The years have passed slowly. When Emergildo was a child he saw the Texaco helicopters hovering above the forest canopy and thought they were "metal birds." Then he saw the rivers run black. He saw the fish go blind. The shaman died. The Boa, the spirit of the river, fled. Roads were built. And pipelines. And wells. And toxic waste pits. The colonists arrived. The animals disappeared. The forest was felled. The water tasted of oil and salt. His people became sick. His wife drank poisoned water. Two of his children died. Time moves slowly. A lawsuit was filed against the company. Arguments were made. Evidence was collected. Lawyers fought. Years passed. And more years. The company was found guilty. The lawyers fought some more. The fight continues. The rivers are still poisoned.

Please watch and share this video! Learn about how the Cofan (along with the Siona, Secoya and Quichua) are finding clean water solutions, like rainwater harvesting, for their communities. Support Emergildo and the global clean water relief effort at ClearWater.

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