Solar Power Lights Up Amazon Communities Fighting Dirty Energy

Indigenous communities fighting dirty energy projects harness solar power and internet communications to defend their territories

Empowered By Light Give Power Foundation

Indigenous communities of the Munduruku, Sápara, and U'wa nations who are on the front lines of the Amazon rainforest's most emblematic rights and resources struggles now have solar energy generation capacity and communications hubs thanks to partnerships between Amazon Watch and Empowered By Light (EBL) and the Give Power Foundation.

Solar micro-systems and radio communications infrastructure are now powering five Sápara communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon, while solar energy is lighting up four Munduruku communities in the Brazilian Amazon, and one U'wa community in the Colombian cloud forests, with more installations planned. These communities are largely remote and isolated, which makes them much more vulnerable to land invasions and violent repression.

The solar and communications equipment allow these communities to communicate internally to improve their safety and engage in cross-community dialogue; tell their own story to the broader world directly through new communications technology and training, subsequently further increasing their visibility and safety; and have access to reliable, clean energy for other community needs without relying on dirty energy sources like kerosene or diesel.

Amazon Watch will continue partnering with Empowered by Light and the Give Power Foundation to bring solar power and communications equipment to other Indigenous communities across the Amazon Basin. You can support that effort by donating here.

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