Fueling Amazon Destruction

Companies with large transportation footprints like Amazon.com are some of the biggest users of destructive Amazon crude

Oil drilling in the Amazon drives deforestation, threatens the survival of Indigenous peoples, and contributes to runaway climate change. Much of this oil goes to the United States, where it fills the tanks of U.S. consumers. Companies with large transportation footprints like Amazon.com are some of the largest users of this destructive Amazon crude.

Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos wants his company to become as expansive as the Amazon rainforest. But the real Amazon is under threat and could disappear if influential companies like Amazon.com continue to allow rainforest destruction to occur. It is unacceptable for Amazon.com to benefit from the "brand" of the Amazon while it is complicit in its destruction.

Amazon.com is the world's biggest online retailer, the largest provider of cloud computing services, the owner of the United States' largest natural food grocer, an extensive online streaming service, a TV producer, and more. So why is it still using oil from the the Amazon to power its vehicles? Why doesn't it put out a sustainability report or even set concrete goals about making its transport operations 100% renewable?

Amazon.com should use its influence for good by cutting its use of Amazon crude, investing in vehicles powered by renewable energy, and speaking out about the importance of protecting the Amazon.

It's time for Amazon.com to extend its innovative spirit to protecting the Amazon rainforest and the global climate. Tell Jeff Bezos to take action now!

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