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Defenders Under Threat

Ecuador National Strike: UN Must Compel Lasso to Prevent Further Violence

Ecuadorian government complicit in human rights violations, disappearances, and deaths, must address economic and climate justice demands brought by Indigenous peoples and civil society

“Ecuador is in a state of emergency due to socio-economic and racial inequities and violent repression from the state in response to National Strike. It is urgent that the U.N. and other international human rights bodies denounce this and support a de-escalation to prevent further violence and loss of life."

Ecuador National Strike: Young Kichwa Person Killed by Tear Gas Canister

Indigenous communities and civil society call on international community to act after days of armed violence by Ecuadorian government led to multiple counts of rights violations and three deaths, economic and climate justice demands remain ignored by President Lasso

“Amazon Watch condemns the violence and calls on the international community to uplift demands from Indigenous communities and civil society to address economic inequities and end oil and mining extraction on Indigenous lands."

Statement in Solidarity With the Families of Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips

Let’s remember Bruno and Dom alive, in the middle of the Amazon with Indigenous peoples, walking through the forest and singing the Kanamari song. Let us remember the courage of these men and their love for the Amazon and its peoples, their shared mission to defend the forest and life, tirelessly denouncing the criminals who plunder natural...

Solidarity with Indigenous Uprising for Economic and Climate Justice in Ecuador

“We are witnessing a human rights crisis being escalated by the Ecuadorian government. Other countries, like the U.S., rely on oil commodities from Ecuador and must speak up for human rights and end their complicity as consumers. We call for justice and demand that Iza be released.”

Amazon Watch is building on more than 25 years of radical and effective solidarity with Indigenous peoples across the Amazon Basin.


Illegal Miners Terrorize Brazil’s Yanomami Communities

The Bolsonaro regime stands by despite murder and sexual assault

The Yanomami’s Hutukara Association has declared a humanitarian crisis in the wake of the reported rape and killing of a 12-year-old Yanomami girl by miners, the disappearance of a 3-year-old child, and attacks on the Yanomami’s Aracaçá village that have placed the Amazonian community “on the verge of disappearance” because of violence caused by...

Peru Commits to Expel Narcotraffickers and Return Indigenous Lands

While attacks continue, the Kakataibo people are reaching new agreements with the government to get their land back

While Peru is in an ongoing political crisis, the Indigenous movement clamors for justice. The demands are clear: prevent the killings of threatened Earth defenders, pursue legal actions against the murderers, and guarantee Indigenous territorial integrity.

Massive Belo Sun Gold Mine Project Blocked in Brazil

Indigenous and traditional communities celebrate as courts hand big loss to the Canadian mining company

The ruling is the result of sustained efforts by civil society and institutional allies to prevent the installation of Belo Sun's massive gold mine and to seek redress for the illegal acts committed in the course of the project's environmental licensing process.

Annual Indigenous Free Land Camp Occupies Brasília

“The demarcation of lands of all Indigenous peoples in Brazil continues to be our main goal. But to guarantee the demarcation, the protection of our lands, we must also 'Indigenize politics' with the presence of diversity, of women occupying the positions of power and decision-making positions.”

2020-2021 Annual Report

It has been a groundbreaking and historic year in our work to protect and defend the Amazon. 2019 saw the devastation of the deforestation fires, which in turn brought a groundswell of support in defense of the Amazon. On the heels of this historic tragedy, and overwhelming support, we increased capacity and responded with renewed vigor in the...

Inspiration, Healing, and Resistance from Amazonian Women Defenders!

Executive Director Leila Salazar-López traveled to the Ecuadorian Amazon to show solidarity and amplify Indigenous women’s work against Amazon destruction

On March 6, Indigenous women from across the Ecuadorian Amazon traveled to Puyo for the inauguration event of the Casa de Mujeres Amazónicas, a gathering and healing space for Indigenous women defenders of the Amazon. It is a safe space where women can strategize, create, share, and heal together, including work on programming to support women’s...

Justice Served in Ecuador!

Earth defenders win amnesty from unfair charges

“We have not committed any crime, we are defending our territory, the natural resources of all Ecuadorians. We guarantee food sovereignty, the protection of land and water”

2021 Was a Year to Reflect, Reclaim, and Reconnect

2021 was full of highs and lows as we entered our second year in physical isolation from one another. We celebrated 25 years as an organization with our community, in deep solidarity with Indigenous peoples. We reflected on all that we have accomplished together and what challenges remain ahead.

All the Ways You Can Support Amazon Watch

When you make a tax-deductible donation to Amazon Watch, you can count on your contribution being put to work effectively and immediately. As we work to achieve climate justice and a just transition for all, we always center Indigenous voices in the movement.

Tlaib, Garcia Lead Letter Asking AG Garland, DOJ to Intervene in Donziger Case

Human rights lawyer and environmental activist jailed for taking on Big Oil polluter Chevron

“The Biden administration can’t claim to believe in the importance of climate action, much less climate justice, if it is unwilling to defend the rights of frontline communities and their advocates holding the fossil fuel industry accountable,” said Paul Paz y Miño, Associate Director at Amazon Watch.

Amazon in Focus 2021

The Amazon is at a tipping point. It is not near, it’s here. To reverse/halt this tipping point, we have joined the call from Indigenous peoples and global scientists to protect 80% of the Amazon by 2025. Not 2030 and definitely not 2050. The time to act is now!

“Alternative Development” in the Peruvian Amazon: Deforestation, Drugs, and Death

Over the last few decades, the Peruvian Amazon has become a hotspot for coca cultivation. Drug traffickers in the region have shown a willingness to destroy the rainforest and kill anyone in the name of profit. Indigenous leaders working to protect their Amazonian communities from land invasions, deforestation, and violence come into the cross...

Will Iván Duque Protect Environmental Defenders?

The New York Times | At COP26, President Duque of Colombia attempted to convince the world he is an environmental champion. But back in Colombia, armed gangs are threatening and murdering community leaders and environmental activists who have been trying to protect forests from destruction by mining, lumber and oil companies.

Brazilian Police Attack Indigenous Community Trying to Halt Illegal Mining on their Territory

Yesterday, Brazilian Military Police, including a squad of elite special police known as the BOPE, violently attacked a surveillance post maintained by the Macuxi people in the Indigenous community of Tabatinga, on Raposa Serra do Sol Indigenous Territory, Roraima state. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at peacefully assembled community...

COP26 Agreement Fails to Address Climate Emergency, Take Necessary Steps to Protect Amazon and Respect Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

Fossil fuel lobby outnumbered Indigenous representation two to one, nations struck deal on international carbon markets despite Indigenous opposition to carbon pricing

Glasgow, UK – Undermining global hopes for meaningful action, the 26th annual Conference of Parties (COP26) climate summit in Glasgow concluded over the weekend without successfully addressing key drivers of the climate crisis, among them the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and the role of fossil fuels.

Investigation Finds "Alternative Development" Program Ties to Land Theft, Coca Plantations in Peruvian Amazon

Counter-narcotics program supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development has contributed to land invasions, deforestation, and deadly social conflicts with Indigenous leaders

“The investigation clearly illustrates how Peruvian authorities violated Amazonian Indigenous peoples’ rights to their own territories, exposing them to land invasions, violence, and death."

“A Continuation of Colonialism”: Indigenous Activists Say Their Voices Are Missing at COP26

Activists in Glasgow reject "big business" approach to climate crisis as they commemorate murdered land defenders

The Guardian | As world leaders inside COP26 in Glasgow boasted about pledges to slash greenhouse gas emissions and end deforestation, Indigenous delegates gathered to commemorate activists killed for trying to protect the planet from corporate greed and government inaction.

As Donziger Is Jailed for Fighting Chevron, Congress Calls for His Release

Despite this, yesterday was a nightmare for Chevron and a victory for environmental justice

Chevron thought it would get away with its crimes after Kaplan’s 2014 decision. But Donziger didn’t give up and neither did the people of Ecuador. Now they have a rapidly-growing international movement behind them not only calling for Donziger’s freedom but that the executives of Chevron should be on trial for their crimes. This was not Chevron’s...

A New 100-Page Report Raises Alarm over Chevron’s Impact on Planet

Mongabay | “It says horrible things about large companies, multi-national companies,” said environmental anthropologist Nan Greer in an interview. “It says that they can completely walk around international laws, national laws, the laws of their domicile.”

Breaking: Donziger’s Appeal Denied, Must Report to Prison Wednesday

Congress, international groups demand Chevron stop targeting activists and Attorney General Garland to release US human rights lawyer

New York, NY – After an unprecedented 800+ days of home detention, human rights attorney Steven Donziger, who helped win the historic $9.5 billion judgment against Chevron for deliberate pollution of the Ecuadorian Amazon for over two decades, was sentenced to six months in prison.