Demand Accountability from Chevron’s Board of Directors!

As part of Chevron's efforts to escape cleaning up its 16 billion gallons of toxic waste in the Ecuadorian Amazon, the oil company launched a retaliatory suit in the U.S. against the Ecuadorians and their lawyers. The fabricated case alleged bribery and ghostwriting of the Ecuadorian verdict against Chevron – and relied principally on the testimony of corrupt Ecuadorian ex-judge Alberto Guerra. Yet Guerra produced no hard evidence, later admitted to lying for Chevron, and was paid millions of dollars by Chevron to do so.

Chevron CEO John Watson approved million of dollars in payments to Guerra to help the company evade cleaning up its toxic mess in the Amazon. This isn't only a misuse of shareholder funds, it's a crime, and the Justice Department of today's oil-company-friendly administration certainly won't hold Chevron to account. Demand Chevron's board take action!

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