Tell the IMF to Respect the Rights of Indigenous People and Stop Imposing Oil and Mining Projects on Their Territories!

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Economic austerity measures imposed on Ecuador by the International Monetary Fund sparked massive protests led by the indigenous movement which brought the country to a standstill.

Ecuador's indigenous movement, representing those most at risk, forced the government to repeal Decree 883, and now they are calling on the IMF directly to respect the demands of the indigenous movement and end policies that promote oil and mining extraction in their territories.

Tell IMF Managing Director @KGeorgieva to publicly commit not to impose economic austerity measures on Ecuador, respect indigenous rights, and stop imposing oil and mining projects in their territories!


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On October 3rd, tens of thousands of indigenous people in Ecuador took to the streets around the country in protest against an IMF-imposed economic austerity package, which took aim at some of the country's most vulnerable communities. Decree 883, signed into law by President Lenin Moreno, cut subsidies and imposed labor restrictions and plunged the country into chaos.

The eleven-day strike by indigenous peoples was met with brutal state repression, with current estimates of at least eight dead, 1,340 injured, and 1,192 detained. The indigenous movement overcame all this and ultimately forced Moreno to repeal the decree and come to the negotiating table, where they are calling for an economic package that respects rights and declares an end to all new oil and mining extraction.

Read CONAIE's letter to the IMF here.

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