Tell Solaris Resources to Leave Shuar Arutam Territory!

Canadian mining company Solaris Resources is attempting to divide the Shuar Arutam community of the Ecuadorian Amazon using a deceptive public relations campaign aimed at manufacturing the appearance of Free, Prior, and Informed Consent for its project.

The elected representatives of the Shuar Arutam have clearly and formally stated that they do not want mining in their territories. There is no room for consultation.

Support their demands that the company immediately withdraw from the area, cease physical activities, and end its conflict-inducing public relations activities!

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To: Daniel Earle, President and CEO of Solaris Resources

Solaris Resources recently issued a press release announcing the signing of an agreement with the Warints and Yawi Shuar centers. This followed months of untrue statements by the company about a successful "prior consultation process" it had completed through a "strategic alliance." Following this release, the Shuar Arutam People's Government Council, which represents the 45 Indigenous centers in Shuar Arutam territory, publicly condemned these statements as false and accused the company of violating their rights as Indigenous peoples.

Solaris Resources must respect Indigenous peoples right to self-determination in the Amazon region of Ecuador and immediately withdraw from the area, ceasing all physical activities as well as its conflict-inducing public relations activities.

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To: Daniel Earle , President and CEO of Solaris Resources
CC: Jacqueline Wagenaar, Vice President Investor Relations, Solaris Resources
Christian Milau, CEO and principal shareholder, Equinox Gold
Ross Beaty, Chairman, Equinox Gold, and major shareholder in Solaris Resources and Equinox Gold

Dear Mr. Earle,

We are writing to express our concern regarding a recent public statement made by the Government Council of the Shuar Arutam People (CGPSHA) regarding public communications that Solaris Resources is making with respect to a supposed successful consultation process and agreements signed with Shuar communities around the company's Warintza project.

In its public statement dated September 23, 2020 (attached here for your reference), the CGPSHA notes that the company and the Ecuadorian government, through a so-called "strategic alliance", are promoting a consultation process which does not respect the organizational structure of the Shuar Arutam peoples in their territories and attempts to circumvent their leadership and their traditional practices.

The CGPSHA considers this alliance and process to be in clear violation of their rights to a Free, Prior and Informed Consent process as guaranteed by international standards and the Ecuadorian constitution. Further, they note that your company's continued presence in their territory goes against the will of the Shuar Arutam peoples who have, time and again, assembly after assembly, decided that they do not want mining in their territories, leaving no room for consultations.

Your company has done much work using social media to portray itself as a company that has "succeeded" in cracking the decades-long resistance in Shuar Arutam territory. That being said, it is clear that your presence is only serving to foment division and tension among the communities, which is contributing to a pressure-cooker scenario much like that which is occurring in other parts of Ecuador. Your attempts to impose mining on an Indigenous People who have expressed not only their disillusionment with industrial mining, but also their dedication to protecting the globally-important Amazon rainforest, are deplorable. The CGPSHA wants to continue on its own paths for development, paths that respect and protect the Amazon. Your presence in the area is not only disrespectful to their decisions and processes, but also jeopardizes a region integral for our planet's health.

For these reasons we request that you follow the instructions of the legitimate leadership of the CGPSHA, the elected representatives of the Shuar Arutam peoples, and withdraw from the area, ceasing physical activities as well as your conflict-inducing public relations activities.

We have copied Mr. Christian Milau, CEO of Equinox Gold, and Mr. Ross Beaty, Chairman of Equinox Gold, due to the significant stakes that Equinox Gold and Mr. Beaty have in Solaris Resources.

View background info and an open letter from the Shuar Arutam.


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