Tell GeoPark Oil Company: Stay Out of Achuar Territory!

The Achuar of Peru's Pastaza River in the northern Amazon have sent many oil companies packing. Now GeoPark, a company based in Chile, thinks it can succeed where Talisman, Oxy, and ARCO failed.

The Achuar remain as committed as ever to resisting extractive industries in their ancestral territory, helping defend its biodiversity and the global climate. Now they've asked international civil society to stand with them as they defend their sacred rainforests from an attack on their ancestral way of life.

Join the Achuar in sending a message of resistance to GeoPark today!

9,300 people have taken this action so far.

To: GeoPark CEO James Park and senior management –

I support the Achuar communities of FENAP in the Peruvian Amazon who reject the presence of any oil company in their ancestral territory.

GeoPark's illegitimate activities at the Situche Central platform in contested territory are already exacerbating local conflicts.

Larger companies like Talisman, Oxy, and ARCO eventually left without making any profit, as will GeoPark. Do the right thing and cut your losses now.

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Learn more about the Achuar's struggle against GeoPark here.

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