Tell Chevron's CEO to Finally Clean up Ecuador!

Chevron's CEO Michael Wirth has an opportunity to break with his company's sordid past as a gross polluter and human rights violator. Chevron MUST address the largest environmental and human rights crime in its history and finally clean up Ecuador!

Despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars on multiple legal actions and retaliation against the very people it poisoned, the liability for Chevron continues to grow, even while Ecuadorian victims of Chevron's toxic legacy continue to sicken and die.

CEO Wirth can change that – but he won't do it without pressure. Join the call to Chevron to respect human rights and the environment!

8 people have taken this action so far.

To: CEO and Board Chair Michael Wirth –

It's up to you to change Chevron's behavior and finally clean up its mess in Ecuador. Your company admitted to polluting the Amazon yet has never cleaned up up the billions of gallons of toxic waste it left behind. Don't let more Ecuadorians sicken and die waiting for justice. Do the right thing today.

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