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Human rights in Brazil are under assault. Indigenous peoples are bearing the brunt of these intensifying attacks, which are driven by the country's powerful agribusiness and extractive industries, as detailed in our new report.

The National Indigenous Foundation (FUNAI) is a principal institutional target of the Brazilian government, which has slashed its budget and undermined its critical role in titling and protecting indigenous territories.

Sign the petition to reject President Temer and Attorney General Mendonça's attacks on the rights and advocates of indigenous peoples!

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26,207 people have taken this action so far.

We write to express our solidarity with the National Indigenous Foundation – FUNAI – in protecting and promoting the rights of Brazil's native peoples, and to express our concerns about efforts to undermine and weaken this vital institution.

FUNAI is fundamental to the titling and defending of indigenous territories, particularly in the Amazon where these lands are under intensifying threat

We call on you to reinstate FUNAI's full operational budget and immediately revoke the unconstitutional Normative Opinion 001, as demanded by Brazil's Federal Prosecutor's office (6CCR/MPF), allowing FUNAI staff to independently assess land titling processes.

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Learn more about the attacks on FUNAI here

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