Peru: Keep Your Promise To Clean Up and Prevent Oil Spills!

Over a dozen devastating oil spills have occurred in the northern Peruvian Amazon in 2016, spewing thousands of barrels of oil into Amazonian rivers and affecting local communities. The initial Peruvian government response was to minimize the seriousness of the threat, provoking multiple mobilizations from Indigenous water protectors in different communities. Starting in early September, hundreds of Achuar, Kukama, Urarina, Kichwa and other Indigenous community members blockaded the Mariñón River, demanding a proper cleanup. Only after months of protest and national and international pressure did the government agree to constructive dialogue, sending ministers to the Saramurillo to negotiate directly with leaders and community members. On December 14th, an agreement was finally reached that incorporates many of the communities’'demands, including an independent audit of the causes of pipeline leaks, cleaning up oil pollution, compensating contaminated communities, and engaging in regular dialogue with communities, among others.

Tell the Peruvian authorities to implement the agreements reached with Amazonian Indigenous communities to clean up past spills and prevent new ones!

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5,440 people have taken this action so far.

To: President Kuczynski and Prime Minister Zavala –

I am pleased to hear the good news that an agreement was reached with the Kukama, Urarina, Achuar, Kichwa, and Awajún communities around Saramurrillo to address the contamination caused by the Northern Peruvian Oil Pipeline in the Peruvian Amazon. We appreciate the effort to engage in constructive dialogue, as opposed to the violent repression of past administrations. Now, the important work begins. I urge you to ensure that every single one of the agreements is fully implemented in order protect Indigenous communities and the Amazon rainforest from further oil contamination. Please demonstrate that words on paper really can become reality.

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