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Oil drilling in the Amazon destroys the rainforest, threatens the survival of indigenous peoples, and contributes to runaway climate change. And much of this destructive Amazon crude oil is refined and consumed in the United States.

Every day, nearly ten million gallons of destructive Amazon crude come to the U.S. The biggest users of this fuel are large corporations, particularly companies like that have extensive transport operations.

It is unacceptable for to benefit from the "brand" of the rainforest while contributing to its destruction.

Tell to do its part to #EndAmazonCrude!

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Dear Jeff Bezos, CEO of –

Please take action to protect the river and rainforest that serve as your company's namesake. Drilling for oil in the Amazon has devastating impacts on the rainforest, the climate, and indigenous rights. As a leading company with a large transportation footprint, should take responsibility for cutting its use of Amazon crude, investing in transport options powered by renewable energy, and speaking out about the importance of protecting the Amazon.

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