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June 2003 Investigative Mission to Indigenous Communities Affected By the Camisea Project. Upper and Lower Urubamba River Valley, Peru.

July 24, 2003

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The absence of a truly independent monitoring system for the environmental and social impacts of the Camisea Project and the lack of transparent dissemination of much monitoring information led thePeruvian indigenous organization Machiguenga Council for the Urubam

Position and Recommendations Presented by Various Peruvian Civil Society Organizations to the IADB, The Andean Development Corporation (CAF) and the Export - Import Bank as Potential Financiers of the Camisea Project.

July 2, 2003

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The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), through its Private Sector department (PRI), the Andean Development Corporation (CAF), and the Export-Import- Bank, are
considering the possibility of financing, respectively, the Project “System of Transportation of Camisea’s Natura

Posición y Recomendaciones que Diversas Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil del Perú Presentan Ante el BID, la CAF y el EXIM Bank como Potenciales Entidades Financieras del Proyecto Camisea

July 2, 2003

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Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) a través de su departamento del Sector Privado (PRI), la Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF), así como el Ex-Im-Bank, están analizando la posibilidad de financiar, respectivamente, el
Proyecto “Sistema de Transporte de Gas Natural y

Showing articles 1521 - 1530 of 1598 total  |  Page 153 of 160


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