What They Don't Say About The Camisea Contracts

They don’t say that the current Camisea contract, which is being questioned, is NOT the original contract that was signed by the Carlos Herrera Descalzi, when he was Minister.

They don’t say that the original contract, signed during the Transitional Government by Herrara Descalzi, YES protected all Peruvians by assuring the internal demand for gas for 20 years, renewable.

They don’t say that the original contract was changed in the previous administration, to the benefit of Hunt Oil, giving them the power to decide whether to export any found gas, taking away energy security from the internal market.

They don’t say that when these modifications were made, to the detriment of Peruvians, Hunt Oil did not complain that “the rules of the game were changed.”

They also don’t say that the modification of the original contract, which they are now saying was an error, hides a series of systemic changes that can’t be sustained logically. These should be investigated in order to clear up if any incentives existed pushing these changes, which are damaging to the Peruvian population.

They also don’t say that, as public functionaries announce bigger reserves of gas, that these don’t have any real substantiation, not having been certified.

The Peruvian government has the obligation to guarantee, and we Peruvians have the right to demand, THAT THEY RETURN TO THE ORIGINAL CAMISEA CONTRACT, the modifications of which were and continue to be an attack against judicial stability and Peru’s energy security.

Lima. 29 February 2008
Ex-Minister of Energy and current Deacon of the Peruvian College of Engineers

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