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Chief Raoni

Stand with Chief Raoni - Defend the Xingu - Stop the Belo Monte Dam!

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Thank you for taking action to support Chief Raoni, the Kayapó and the Juruna as they face an attack on their ancestral territory.

You can further help the Kayapó and Juruna by making a donation to the Xingu Urgent Action Fund today.

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About the Xingu Urgent Action Fund

Amazon Watch has established the Xingu Urgent Action Fund in response to the overwhelming outpouring of support the for the Kayapó and other indigenous peoples of the Xingu basin as they face attacks on their ancestral territory by ranchers and illegal settlers and the Belo Monte "Monster" dam, now under construction.

Funds generated will be used to support the resistance struggles in defense of the Xingu Basin in the following ways:

  1. Stand with Chief Raoni. Stop the attacks on the Kayapó and Juruna. Support the demarcation of the Kapot Nhinore ancestral territory of the Kayapó and Juruna indigenous peoples in the upper Xingu in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, via the Instituto Raoni (Raoni Institute).
    Immediate support is needed now for the Kayapó and Juruna to get armed ranchers and illegal settlers off their land and get FUNAI to grant the demarcation of their ancestral territory. Specifically, they have asked for immediate support for 120 Kayapo warriors on the frontlines who have set up a base camp away from their village and have vowed to stay there until FUNAI and federal government respects their rights; removes ranchers and illegal settlers; and grants the demarcation of Kapot Nhinore. They urgently need funds for the following: food, fishing nets, fuel, and construction materials.
  2. Help the People of Xingu Stop the Belo Monte Dam. Support indigenous and traditional communities in their ongoing, but now very urgent resistance struggle to stop the Belo Monte dam, the largest dam currently in construction in the world, in the heart of the Amazon as well as future upstream dams planned for the Xingu. Belo Monte is already affecting indigenous communities living along what is known as the Xingu's "Big Bend." About 1,000 indigenous people from the Xikrín, Juruna, Arara, Xipaia, Kuruaya, Kayapó and other ethnic groups live in this region.

Since early January, NESA (the dam consortium) has begun clearing forest on Pimental Island and is installing "coffer dams" between the riverbank and the Island on the "Big Bend" of the Xingu River. Coffer dams are earthen walls built to dry out sections of river to make way for dam construction. In a visit to Xikrín communities by Amazon Watch staff last week, we were informed that the coffer dams have already caused the water level to drop and the water they depend on to become stagnant.

If construction continues, 80% of the flow of the Xingu River will be diverted into artificial channels and canals, devastating the riverine ecosystem and the cultural survival of indigenous and traditional communities including the Xikrín, Juruna, Arara, Xipaia, Kuruaya, Kayapó and other ethnic groups live in this region.

The communities directly affected by construction including the Xikrín, Arara and Juruna, are ready to take urgent action, but need your financial support today to mobilize. They urgently need funds to undertake legal action and to mobilize their communities to take action.

DONATE NOW to Stand with Chief Raoni, Defend the Xingu, and Stop the Belo Monte Dam!

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