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Donate to Bring the U'wa House of Ancestral Wisdom to Life!

"Indigenous peoples that don't know their own origin and history tend to disappear physically and culturally."

Colombia's U'wa indigenous people are fighting to defend and recuperate their ancestral territory, including sacred sites key to their spiritual practices. In the community of Guanu'wa RauriU'wa, in Northern Colombia, the U'wa plan to build an ethno-educational center or house of ancestral wisdom, where elders can pass down their traditional customs to the younger generations. The center would benefit at least seventeen U'wa families including over 100 people.

On the occasion of U'wa leader Aura Tegría's visit to the United States, the U'wa have set the goal of raising $10,000 to turn this dream into reality. Please provide financial support in favor of the U'wa cultural survival!

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